SAT and ACT Test Prep

The SAT and ACT are the most frequently used college admissions tests. Some schools require one or the other, while some will let you decide which test score to submit. Make sure to find out from your college admissions representative which test is required for each school you apply to.

The SAT Reasoning Test measures your knowledge of basic necessary subjects: reading, writing and mathematics. The SAT also tests your critical thinking skills, how you solve problems and communicate. There are two sections: math and verbal.

The ACT measures general educational development and college readiness. It includes four multiple-choice tests: English, mathematics, reading and science. The ACT is scored differently from the SAT.

Funding for SAT and ACT
The National Guard will fund one administration of either the SAT or ACT for a service or education requirement. Tests are not funded or reimbursed if taken at a civilian test center, so make sure you take your test at a DANTES test center. Contact your State Education Services Office for a list of national test centers in your region.

NOTE: SAT Subject Tests are available only at civilian test centers, and are therefore not funded by the National Guard.

Scheduling the SAT and ACT
SAT testing is not authorized from June 30 through September 30, as the SAT program shuts down its scoring system to prepare for national testing in October. ACT testing is available at any time during the year.

Learn more about the SAT and ACT.
There are many free resources to help you do your best on the SAT and ACT. For test-taking strategies, sample test questions and other preparation materials, visit the College Board's SAT Preparation Center and the ACT Test Prep page.

Current Guard Soldiers can get information on education programs by emailing the Guard Support Center or calling 866-628-5999, or by contacting their state's Education Services Officer.