Troops to Teachers

What is Troops to Teachers?
Troops to Teachers (TTT) is a transition program that assists eligible military personnel in meeting the requirements necessary to become teachers in K-12 public, public charter and Bureau of Indian Affairs schools serving low-income families.

  • The program assists those who wish to become school counselors, teacher aides, principals, vice principals, speech therapists, school psychologists and other school workers engaged with students in K-12 schools.
  • Implemented in 1994, this national program is overseen and funded by the Department of Defense and managed by the Department of the Navy through the Defense Activity for Non-Traditional Education Support (DANTES).
  • TTT is headquartered in Pensacola, FL, and serves all states and territories through its state and regional offices.
  • To date, TTT has helped over 17,000 participants transition to second careers in K-12 education.


What is the goal of TTT?
The TTT program seeks to improve American K-12 education by providing motivated, experienced and dedicated personnel for the nation’s classrooms, and increase the number of male and minority teachers in today’s public schools. TTT’s objectives are to:

  • Help participants gain an understanding of teacher certification requirements, options for completing certification, and ways to enhance employment potential
  • Provide positive role models for the nation’s public school students
  • Refer certified teachers in all subject areas and other educational workers to K-12 schools


What do I get?
After registration, TTT provides participants with two types of services:

¬ Counseling and referral assistance: Includes guidance about certification pathways and access to a wide network of volunteer mentors who provide valuable advice and guidance at the local level. Referral assistance includes providing participants with the necessary information on job availability, preparing them for employment, and in some cases, arranging interview opportunities. These services are available to all program participants.

¬ Financial assistance: The maximum amount of financial assistance provided to eligible TTT participants may not exceed $10,000. Assistance comes in two forms: a $5,000 stipend* that may be used for teacher certification and licensure costs, and a bonus of up to $10,000. TTT participants receiving financial assistance must agree to teach for three years in a high-need public, public charter or Bureau of Indian Affairs school. Eligibility is determined by the TTT national office following the completion of the registration process, subject to the following eligibility categories:


  • Retired from Active Duty.
  • Active Duty member with approved date of retirement with one year or less remaining before retirement.
  • Separated for a service-connected physical disability on or after Jan. 8, 2002. Must register within three years after separation.


  • Retired from the Selected Reserve.
  • Currently serving in the Selected Reserve with six or more years of creditable service towards retirement and commit to serving an additional three years, or until eligible for retirement.
  • Separated from the Selected Reserve for a service-connected physical disability on or after January 8, 2002. Must register within three years after separation.
  • Individuals transitioning from Active Duty on or after Jan. 8, 2002, and who have served four years on Active Duty immediately before separation, and who execute a contract for three or more years with a Selected Reserve unit. Must register within three years after separation.

Note: The $5,000 stipend may not be available to those who are eligible for the Post-9/11 GI Bill.


How do I apply?

¬ Register online at