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  • thinking of returning

    I am thinking of rejoining the Army, but in the National Guard. I am prior service 1993 to 2002, 5 years of it active, the rest reserves. I left as an E5. I am 39 now, but as I understand the years of service will minus from actual age. But I have several questions...

    1. I was a combat medic 91B20 (now discontinued MOS identifier). However, my last couple years in reserve I worked as a 74B20 pending a training date to do the 74B AIT, but I ETS'd before I got to that AIT. My AARTS transcripts and discharge paperwork note the 74B20 job, just not the AIT. Would I have any trouble getting back into this 74B MOS (think its now 25B ??), and getting a training date? If I could get it, would I possible qualify for the re-class short-course AIT? I was hoping they would use my old MOS, I have a degree with a minor in computer science, and work in IT field and have A+ certs if that matters.

    2. Would I have to attend BASIC again?

    3. Would I have to take ASVAB again? I still have hard copies of my last 2 ASVABs when I joined Active and Reserves, but they are old. Its not a huge problem, although I probably won't remember a lick of Algebra, but I will probably ace everything else.

    I will pass height/weight and APFT no problem. But what other worries might I need to consider?

    Thanks in Advance!

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    I am not a recruiter and a recruiter may post on current prior service recruiting policy or it may be easy if you just call or visit a NG recruiter.

    BTW, I am a Signal Warrant Officer and you most likely have to re-take the ASVAB. With those new scores, it will determine what jobs are available near you in your state. Since you been out for more than five years, you will have to retake basic. You can search on this forum and it will tell you that.

    If you want 25B, you will have to go through its AIT at Fort Gordon or a NG school that will provide the MOS. After some years of experience and earning some stripes, you can apply to be a Signal Warrant Officer.

    Good luck.


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      You will need to retake the ASVAB (after 10 years it expires for Prior Service). Your scores will determine if you can enlist as a 25B. You will not be required to attend Basic Training again. Chief is correct concerning MOSQ school for 25B or any other MOS. Typically, the Guard offers a MOS school which is shorter than the AIT school.


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        Good to know NYGuardRecruiter. Do the standards on redoing basic vary on the State for the Guard? Because I am getting conflicting information on this matter, both in research online, and asking recruiters personally. Is there a standard that can be referenced on this issue? I am up for anything to get back in, but redoing basic might be a deal-breaker for me.

        Oh and one other question, as prior service do I have the option of going straight to the Guard unit and enlisting with the retention NCO as apposed to going to one of those public recruiting centers?

        Thanks for your help by the way!


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          As of last year the National Guard does not require prior service members to attend basic training again. Check the National Guard website for more information regarding this matter. However, it's very unlikely this rule has changed. I am prior service with a 14 year break in service and simply reported directly to my unit. My recruiter simply enlisted me into the Guard at his office. :-) Just tell your recruiter to enlist at his/her office opposed to the recruiting center.