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What is the Reenlisttime that you need to wait as of 2014

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  • What is the Reenlisttime that you need to wait as of 2014

    So last I was told I needed to wait six months before I could reenlist in the guard has that changed ive ben told by many recruiters that it is six months but the new recruiter I just went to who was more than will to help me his boss told him I needed to wait another year before anything can be done is this correct

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    Any waiting periods, depends on your discharge and narrative reason.


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      wel I got an uncharacterized discharge my re code is 3 and a JGA the recruiter told me I could have me backin by next month but now his boss said I needed to wait longer soi just confused wether or not hes right cuz I just spoke to my old recruiter and she even said six months


      • SF Hunter
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        The waiting requirement for that type of discharge can be anywhere from 6 months to one years, based on current policies. So the state must have recently changed their waiting requirements for your type of discharge.

      • Bryant
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        actually I found out why they were telling me two year his boss did not fully read AR 601-210 Chapter 4-13 Section A-C Section A does not apply to me because I Got an entry level performance and conduct with a uncharacterized discharge so I would fall under section B and C but C doesn't apply cuz theres no wait time for C so hopfully on Monday when he reads my message they will realize there mistake and realize his boss did not put my dd214 RE code 3 Seperation Code JGA and AR 601-210 Chapter 4-13 A-C together

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      well if that is the case im over the year mark could there be some other reason why I would need to wait a hole nother year witch would make my wait time 2 years total