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Prior service entering NG after 7 years: advice and tips appreciated

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  • Prior service entering NG after 7 years: advice and tips appreciated

    I am a prior service marine looking to go Guard before I get too old. I left the Marine Corps as a Sergeant back in 2007, but Iíve already been told by the NG recruiter that Iíd have to come in as an E-4 Specialist since my MOS (0261) does not directly translate to an Army MOS. Since I have to re-class anyway I donít really care about what MOS. Iíd like to keep my TS clearance if I can, but Iíd give it up if I have to. I just want to serve again.

    After spending some time with the recruiter I still donít have a feel for what will be expected of me from the start. I mean will I have to drop everything (college, work, etc.) to go to AIT or will I get a little leeway or a given timeframe?

    Since I was, once upon a time, a Sergeant of Marines can I at least come in as a Corporal?

    I actually worked on an Army contract as an instructor for TRADOC and INSCOM training 35 series soldiers and actually helping shape the 35G and 21Y MOS. Would there be an opportunity to prove that I know the MOS and skip AIT altogether?

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    Devil Dog, you have talk to a recruiter to see if the MOS you are looking for qualifies under ACASP. I gave this link to another poster last week.

    I left the Marines during the Gulf War and came in the NG in 98 (seven years later as well). I then did six years in the Guard (I did 2 years Guard and 2 years Army Reserves prior to my Marine Corps days) and came back Army AD. Its been over 10 years that I been on the active duty side.

    Prior service recruiting rules have changed since I came back in.and these links have been posted before on this forum

    It is not easy for prior service to come into the Guard as before and personally, I would take whatever is offered if you want to get back into uniform. I now have 24 years of service and the goal is to get an active duty retirement. I am glad that I came back in.

    DA promotions for Corporal are few and far between and I doubt you will get Corporal. If you do re-enter as a Specialist, you might be assigned to a unit that lateral promotes to Corporal based on leadership position. But when I came back in the Guard, I relieved an E6 to get a squad leader position and did it as an E4 Specailist. When I started on Army AD, I even was a team leader as an E4 until I made buck sergeant. The only plus of having corporal stripes is that you can put the yellow braid on your trousers (similar to the blood stripe in the Corps) on your Army dress blues. Specialist and below trousers are just blue.
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      I will definitely ask about ACASP. After reviewing the page, I actually see the MOS listed, but I’m not sure if it is available in my state. Either way I'm keeping an open mind.

      Thank you for the information. It helps out a lot.