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    I've got a few questions. First, I was honorably discharged from the Marine Corps Reserve (final including irr) in 2010 as an E4. Male, 31, all other requirements met. Recently noticed an opening posted for an MP unit near my home (right outside Fort Jackson). I have been a civilian police officer for several years, and am considering further inquiry, but before I give my phone number to a recruiter, I wondered if anyone could give me the short version on what initial training will be required, if grade/time in grade are retained, and anything else you think is worth mentioning. I appreciate your time and input.

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    I was prior service Army and have been a civilian police officer for almost twenty years. I came back in a few years ago (2011) when they needed more bodies. You should be able to keep your rank (E-4) but usually your date of rank restarts when you reenlist. This changes year to year so definitely speak with a recruiter. You will not have to go to basic if you are prior Army or USMC. You will go back through MEPS then your unit will send you to a NG school to re class as a 31B (MP). Hopefully not too much has changed since I reenlisted. Good luck.


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      If your MOS doesn't transfer over they will send you to a MOSQ school. If you are enlisting under a different MOS than what you had in the Marines then you will definitely go to MOSQ. Keep an open mind if you decide to enlist and go Army NG, the Army is different from the Marines and the National Guard can be different from Active Duty Army, how much depends on the unit and its command. Lastly, and don't take offense to this, but in the Army no body gives a **** if you were a prior service Marine. It will be important that you learn to conform to the Army rather than try to make the Army conform to you. I've seen good Marines transition to the NG and try to do the latter and wonder why they are not getting schools, promotion, or shine in their NCOER's. And on the flip side I've know good Marines that learned how the Army works, adapted and became very successful, one of which I know became a SGM. They never forgot where they came from but they always knew where they were.


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        Originally posted by usmcr2311 View Post
        if grade/time in grade are retained
        Prior service personnel are not automatically guaranteed to enter at the same rank they held when they were discharged. Most E-1 through E-4 Soldiers are accepted back at the rank they held previously. Time in Grade will start over from your date of enlistment into the Army National Guard.