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Need Advice - Mysterious RE5L code

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  • Need Advice - Mysterious RE5L code

    Need some advice and donít know what my next action will be. I have been working with a recruiter since July 2013 to re-enter the ANG. I have provided them with all my DD-214, NGB 22 and Reserve Order that states that I am eligible to re-enlist into the ANG. The recruiter runs a REDD Report and it says I have a RE5L code from the Air Force Reserve. I was never in the active AFR only IIR. The Reserve Order that I got from ARPC states that I have an Honorable Discharge. ARPC confirms that I would have not received the Reserve Order Honorable Discharge with a 5L code. I contacted the ANG IT person that handles the REDD to Source document connection and he assured that the source of the REDD Report is DEERS.

    The recruiter then tells me itís my problem and that they will do nothing. To date - I have verified with ARPC, AFPC, AFRC, MilPDS and DEERS and none of these databases can find the 5L code. I have written statements from ARPC that states they are not able to locate the 5L code and as far as they are concerned eligible to enlist.

    I currently have a question to DMDC.REDD-Helpdesk to verify the source document they are using and to see if it is a problem within REDD.

    I met with the recruiter and asked the question if I could still enlist with a 5L code even though all my character of service documents states that I am eligible. He said "No, and there is no wavier option. REDD Report has a 5L code and that is what they use".

    Pending the outcome of the REDD Report inquiry, what is my next avenue that I could use? I would really like to re-enter the ANG but it seems the recruiter has other plans.

    I could really use some advice.


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    First, I am assuming you know this website/forum is for the ARMY National Guard (ARNG)? If you are looking for advice for enlisting with the AIR National Guard (ANG) it would be better to visit their website.

    My advice is to find another recruiter. It sounds like he is not willing to do even the most basic of work. The RE code is not the end all to reenlistment, the narrative reason for discharge is the real eligibility indicator.


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      If you were Air Force, this is a place to go for Air Force questions.

      Also, LTC Ritchie posted the reason for a 5L in this thread.

      Re: RE CODE 5L

      "Ineligible to reenlist because Air Force Member is undergoing article 15 action."

      "Applicant may be eligible for a waiver if the conditions that caused the discharge or separation no longer exist and the applicant possesses potential for further service. When considering an applicant for a waiver, you must consider his or her overal
      l service record and the manner in which all service was performed. Waivers will be submitted to NGB/A1P IAW Chapter 5. All requests must include documentation concerning the disqualifying factor (ex. Article 15, commanderís correspondence, fitness test

      (Reference: ANGI 36-2002)