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  • DD-214 Uncharacterized

    *I understand that the topic I am posting has been posted by others in the past. In order to streamline any possible solution to my specific problem I chose to post a new thread. Thank you in advance for any constructive and useful information you have to share.*

    I joined the Minnesota ANG in 2000. I signed up for a 6 & 2 (six active, two inactive) with a sign-on bonus (half after completion of BCT and half after 3 years service).

    My official start date was 2000-08-21. I completed BCT at Fort Jackson. Then I completed AIT at Fort Gordon. I came back to Minnesota and continued my service.
    For about 8 months in 2002-2003 I moved to Massachusetts and drilled with a Guard unit there, but then ended up moving back to Minnesota and rejoining my original unit.
    I continued to drill with my unit up to the summer of 2006.
    I was then asked if I would want to follow my contract and complete the last two years as inactive or continue on the last two as active.
    Unfortunately at this point in my personal life I had become the single parent of an infant and chose to finish the last two as inactive.
    DD-214 Item #6. Reserve Obligation Termination Date: 2008-07-17
    I started as an E-2 and ended as an E-4

    For the first few years as a single parent I worked and worked and worked some more to support my child. When I decided to return to school, I inquired about any available benefits I might have and every source I inquired with told me that I was ineligible because my DD-214 Item #24. Character of Service: Uncharacterized.
    I have tried multiple times to figure out why I was given Uncharacterized and not Honorable. I have been directed to individuals in both public and governmental sectors both county and state. I have yet to get a clear response and often times I am transferred from person to person. One lucky occasion I was even transferred back to the initial person that I had contacted.

    This has caused such frustration that I have given up at times to focus more on family, work, and school issues.

    Well, I have finally put myself through nursing school.
    Received my Bachelors of Science in Nursing this past December.

    I would still like to figure out if I qualify for any benefits that could put any type of dent in my student loans which for nursing are astronomical.

    BUT, more importantly...

    I would like to apply for nursing positions at the Minneapolis VA Health Care System and I am worried that my DD-214 Item #24. Character of Service: Uncharacterized status may negatively affect my application.

    Thoughts and suggestions are greatly appreciated.

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    You wouldn't get a DD214 for your NG time but a NGB Form 22. From the dates you posted, it looks like the DD214 is just for your IRR time, you also should have gotten a DD214 for your BCT/AIT time as well.


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      +1 to CPT Redleg. Also, ANG stands for Air Force National Guard, you had me confused. ARNG is Army National Guard. Also, I thought you were active duty since you wrote active; but you meant active drill status. Essentially, you were an M-day (part-time) status/soldier.

      Try to get in contact with the personnel officer/S1 at Minnesota's JFHQ (Joint Force Headquarters) http://www.minnesotanationalguard.or...php?unit=8AEAA They should have a record of your service (NGB22). That NGB22 will list your RE-code and characterization of service. Keep that DD214 too to account for that IRR time as well to bring to a NG recruiter in your state.

      If you do not have one, you can request a replacement copy. Look at this link

      Apply for the job and I would not worry about the character of service.
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