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Transition from AC to ARNG - PT card

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  • Transition from AC to ARNG - PT card


    I'm currently in the ACAP process at Fort Bragg. I am nearing my ETS date for my initial enlistment, and I'm interested in transitioning to the National Guard. I have a reserve component briefing coming up, and I want to be as prepared as possible.

    I've read through the regs and asked questions, but I have yet to get a sufficient answer prior to my briefing, even from my career counselor:

    I had surgery 9 months ago after tearing a ligament in my ankle in Afghanistan. I'm nearly healed, and I will be cleared prior to ETSing. However, my last PT card is over 12 months old - in fact it is over 18 months old. I will soon be able to take a PT test, but it will be right before my terminal leave starts, and I would like to have a contract signed for the Guard before that time.

    I've never failed a PT test, and I do have a current DA 5500. My question is: do I need a current (within 12 months) PT card to sign a contract going from active to Guard? What if I go from being active duty enlisted to state OCS?

    I appreciate any answers. Google has not served me well, and sadly the many regs (unless I'm looking in the wrong place) do not specify. They specify the 5500, but not the PT test itself. I know I will get these answers at some point further down the line, but I would like to know before I sit down with the next career counselor.

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    The answer is no. No PT card required. You will take a record once you get to your Guard unit. I am active duty and PCS a few months ago and my unit gave me my PT card but my new unit did not require it. I took a record two weeks later.


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      Thank you Chief! My career counselor told me something similar, but he followed it up with "I'm not quite sure so don't take my word for it". That of course inspired zero confidence. I appreciate your response.


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        What counts is that you have a good discharge that shows an Re-code of 1 with no issues. If you are separated due to weight or failing PT; then that is an issue that the Guard will determine if you will continue service into their organization.
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          Roger. I'm getting out to go to back to school, having completed my enlistment with an honorable discharge, no PT failures, passing BF% for the body composition program, with no negative issues. I'm debating whether to stay enlisted and try for 56M (I'm headed to seminary), or try to do state OCS or Federal next summer. I'm excited to make the transition!