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    I am currently active duty Army, ETS'ing in September 2015. I would like to transfer to the NG so I can continue military service while going to college at home. My question is concerning my permanent profile for asthma. Per AR 40-501, Section 3-27(4), chronic asthma meets RETENTION standards but results in a P-2 profile if it requires use of medication, but does not prevent the soldier from performing all military duties, including the 2-mile run. It does not meet ENLISTMENT standards per Section 2-23d.

    Since transferring from Active to the Guard technically means I am separated from Active and then I enlist in the Guard, will I be able to enlist? The closest thing to an answer I have found is AR 601-20, Section 3-7a, which states "Applicant has completed Army basic training (BT) or IADT and meets medical retention standards (less weight) of AR 40501, chapter 3, if enlisting within 6 months of release from AD." Does that mean since I meet retentions standards according to AR 40-501, that I am eligible to join the Guard if I do so within 6 months of leaving active duty?

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    The best resource to transition from Active Duty Army to the Army National Guard is to talk with a Reserve Component Career Counselor (RCCC) located on all Army posts, usually in the same location as ACAP or post out processing. They can assist in finding a unit, with open availability, to transition into with either the Army National Guard or Army Reserve. You can begin the process 180 days prior to your ETS date.

    Or you can contact an Army National Guard recruiter within your state of interest: Find a recruiter link:


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      If you have a P2 and can serve on active, it should not be a problem when you transfer.