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RE-1 Prior Navy.

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  • RE-1 Prior Navy.

    I'm looking for more info regarding National Guard. Here is a quick cliff note regarding my information:
    36 years old
    Located in AZ
    Navy, E-5
    7 years and 9 months active duty time.
    I got out Sept 2005.
    Separated for 8 years now
    RE-1 honorable discharge.
    My Navy experience converts to a 15T, however my Navy schooling would put me as a 15G.
    Remarried - Current wife is active duty Marine.
    2 underage child, one I have custody of, the other with her mother. I can appoint guardianship to my sister.

    The Army's new, "Tattoo" policy states nothing below elbow or knee and nothing above the collar. I have 1 tattoo located on my left calf. The tattoo is a knight and dragon. Nothing bad. I got the tattoo while I was active duty. If I was to join would I be grandfathered in? If not, how soon will these new changes come into effect? I have seen conflicting stories. Next, I went through a divorce in late 2009. During that period and the next few years, my credit score took it on the nose. Will my credit be looked at and/or an issue? I'm making good on the debts, but my score is not good. Will I go through bootcamp or is the Warrior transition coarse still offered? Will I keep my E-5? Anything listed above that might disqualify me? Where can I find the AZ National Guard recruiters cell number? I have been unable to make contact with the number I found on the internet.
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    You would have to come in as an E-4 with your date of rank being the date of your enlistment. You would have to attend and complete 10 weeks of Army Basic Training, the Warrior Transition Course has been removed. Unsure if your MOS would covert over, could do some research with your DD214.

    The tattoo policy is due to change any day, nobody knows if PS applicants will be exempt. You would be required to go to MEPS for a physical & contract, your ASVAB is good for 10 years. You credit history shouldn't effect you eligibility as long as you have a plan in place and are making payments. As long as you only have custody of one dependent under 18 you're good, two will require a dependency waiver.

    The AZ ARNG should have contact info for their Recruiters on their website.

    Best of luck!!


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      Thank you for the info. If I came in as E-4, would I get my E-5 when I finished basic training or will I have to climb the ladder and be promoted? If not, High Year Tenure (HYT) is only a few years away in regards to E-4. So I have some concerns about loosing a strip with almost 8 years active. My plan is to go AGR or switch to active duty within 1 year of completing basic training.
      NYGuardRecruiter, what do you need from my DD214 to see if an MOS conversion is possible? My Navy rate (MOS) was AMS (Army 15G), however, a few years in, they no longer had AMS, it went to AM. I worked on H-60 (same job as Army 15T) for nearly 8 years while active. I recently did some time in Afghanistan as a contractor working on Blackhawks. I have 8.5 years of H-60 experience. I'm in the process of obtaining my A&P license. Is their anything I can do to ensure I get E-5 back when I join?