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Prior Service With RE-4s and Other Than Honorable (OTH) LOOK HERE PLEASE

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  • Prior Service With RE-4s and Other Than Honorable (OTH) LOOK HERE PLEASE

    FORWARDED previous thread from Andrew Tischner:

    So here is the run down. Your individual cases DO NOT MATTER. What you did, who you talked to, someone told you this or that.

    If you were in the Army and received a RE-4, you cannot join at all, non-waiverable. Again excuses stories do not matter. You received a RE-4 for a reason and you cannot join.

    If you were in the Air Force, Navy, Marines or Coast Guard and received a RE-4, you possibly can join. This is dependent on BOTH your narrative reason for discharge as well and INCLUDING your SPD Code (the 3 letter code [line 26] that is on copy 4 of your DD214.)

    If you were from ANY service and received a OTH (Other than honorable), Dishonorable or Bad Conduct Discharge, you cannot join. All three of these are non-waiverable. What this means is there is nothing a recruiter can do for you. There is nothing you can say to us on this forum or to a recruiter in the office.

    Now we will go into some of the Narrative reasons.

    If you were discharged for positive drug alcohol test (DAT) or drug/alcohol rehabilitation failure you cannot join, until the waiver suspension is lifted by National Guard Bureau (NGB). Suspension is in effect until further notice.

    If you were discharged for any type of misconduct or other type of involuntary discharge for misconduct you will not be able to join. NGB currently has suspended waivers for any type of misconduct discharge, until further notice.

    If you have a personality disorder you cannot join until you have been seen by a mental health specialist for at least 10 visits/6months and have been cleared by them that you are mentally stable and not a harm to yourself or others. Enlistment waivers for the following mental health conditions remain suspended: mood disorders to include depression and bipolar disorder, drug or alcohol abuse/dependence, overdose of any medication (prescription or over the counter) in a suicide attempt, any condition involving self-mutilation, or any other suicidal attempt or gesture.

    Now at anytime in this post if you have read that you cannot join there is still hope for you. But nothing a recruiter can do for you.

    You can go to google and search for a DD 149 or Discharge Review Board. This is a request to change/review board to change your DD214.

    Here you can even appeal and go to Washington DC to stand in front of a Board (at your own cost) to try and change your DD214. Once this happens (and IF I would say.) you will be sent a DD215.

    Then if its workable and your DD215 does not have any of those things that kept you from joining before then a recruiter can talk with you.

    Now all of this information is for the Army National Guard.
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