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Re-3 / JGA Waiver Granted!

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  • Re-3 / JGA Waiver Granted!

    After about 7 months of waiting and badgering my recruiter, my waiver finally was granted and came back from wherever it went. I had to get 3 Letters of Recommendation, and write a heartfelt letter to the board on why i lacked the internal fortitude to carry on my commitment. The road was not easy though, finding a recruiter to even listen to me after i mentioned the Recode-3, proved extremely difficult. I looked all around my state for a recruiter that would be willing to give me a chance. Finally i got a call back from my first recruiter i called, about 3 months later and he said he would see what he could do. He sent in my waiver request, and 7 months later it came back granted. So anyone out there wondering if they could have a chance at a Re-3 / JGA waiver, you can but you gotta work for it. Find a good recruiter, and have the balls to tell them the truth and fix your mistakes. Thanks.

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    Re: Re-3 / JGA Waiver Granted!

    What state? I'm in the exact same situation and wondering what my chances are.


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      Re: Re-3 / JGA Waiver Granted!

      Seven months seems about six months too long, especially for the JGA Separation Code, Entry level status performance and conduct or entry level status performance.

      It is refreshing to hear that you found a Recruiter willing to do some extra work. Take advantage of your second chance.


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        I found my old recruiter and he said he would send in a waiver for me (I have RE3 as well) but he said I would have to start from basic all over again even though I graduated and have my paperwork to prove it. I was discharged during AIT (unchategorized discharge) and knew I would have to go through AIT again. But is this true I have to go through basic again? I cant find this in any army regulations stating this and the soldiers I talked to on this site said that this was strange. Should I try a different recruiter?


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          I would suggest sticking with your current recruiter. Recruiters who will even give you the time of day with a RE-3 are hard to come by. I also think when you were training and wanted out, they gave you a packet to sign off on. One of the papers in your out process packet, I believe said that you forfeit everything, and you were required to sign it. But i may be mistaken, good-luck.