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Waiver possible, or waste of time?

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  • Waiver possible, or waste of time?

    Hi everyone.

    I am prior service 7+ years Active Army, now residing in New Jersey.
    I ETS's Septemeber 2011 with a General Under Honorable Conditions
    MOS 25B, was SGT(P) before demotion to SPC.

    Narrative Reason for Separation: MISCONDUCT, (Serious Offense)
    SEP Code: JKQ
    RE Code: 3

    The more specific reason is that I was AWOL on two separate occasions upon returning from my 2nd deployment.

    I have no excuses for my behavior, but I did have personal reasons for doing so.
    Part of the reasons I believe I wasn't completely stripped of my rank and discharged dishonorably, was because of my exemplary service and reputation as a soldier.
    That and I had some very amazing fellow and Senior NCO's at my back who knew how uncharacteristic my actions were, and spoke on my behalf.

    My question is, is it even worth my time to pursue a waiver for this?

    And if not, then does anyone think it would be reasonable to pursue trying to get the code changed if the discharge was involuntary?

    Are there any other branches that will consider waiving this?

    Thanks for reading, and please let me know if anyone needs any clarification or more info.

    God bless
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    Re: Waiver possible, or waste of time?

    The current Prior Service discharge waiver policy for the National Guard is:

    No "waivers" for prior separation or discharge for misconduct, or any other type of involuntary discharge that involved misconduct.


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      Re: Waiver possible, or waste of time?

      As a active duty Signal Warrant Officer, who has three 25Bs (one is a SNCO) working for me; personally, there is no excuse for this type of conduct from an NCO. Being late for PT, missing CQ (as a Joe) or even some personal issues as an NCO, I may understand and give a pass but going AWOL is not good and this type of misconduct may never get a pass for a waiver and re-entry into the service.

      SF Hunter created a sticky on this same subject matter a few weeks ago that no waivers at this time. For misconduct, in the future, they may open the try-one options and if it will be an NGB waiver level; that will still be a hurdle compared to a TAG waiver.


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        Re: Waiver possible, or waste of time?

        Originally posted by Chief Kemosabe View Post
        personally, there is no excuse for this type of conduct from an NCO.
        Don't think I gave any Chief. In fact, I said I had none.
        But when the Army decides to not take care of their own, sometimes people just have to do what they have to do. I won't bore you all with my ills and troubles though.
        What's done is done, and I've made my apologies to all parties involved.

        Thanks for your input though.