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    I am prior service navy. I got an entry level separation while in boot for "anxiety". Essentially I was terrified to jump off the tower during swim qual and they pushed me in and i freaked out afterwards. Like I just cried and stuff. They made me see a psychologist. While in boot I learned about the navy core values: honor courage commitment. I told the psychologist when I was 14 I a panic attack because I was being bullied and I took medication for it. I also said that I havent taken medication for it in years. I am 20 now. I earned an RE 8 which is I can enlist in 6-12 months with a waiver and also a fraud enlistment. What are my chances of getting a recruiter to even work with me let alone try to get me a waiver? I know that I may get bashed right now, but if you end up replying try not to be personal. Just tell me what I need to know. Thanks You guys. Thanks for your service.
    Also this is what my DD 214 says regarding my discharge info:
    Type of Separation: Discharged
    Character of Service: Uncharacterized (Entry Level Separation)
    RE Code: 8
    Narrative Reason for Separation: Fraud Entry

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    Re: Prior Service

    Check this thread out, is older, I had a friend from the Air Guard who had a similar experience at Basic and left. He was not able to re-enlist. Might be different for you, but like the reply said in that thread, with everything changing, it might or might not happen for you

    In a nutshell "RE-8 is a valid Navy RE code and is only issued to those at RTC under certains conditions, A RE-8 code is waiverable.
    Doesn't mean you will get it but it is a waiverable code."

    "RE-8 Temporary medical conditions or unsatisfactory initial
    performance and conduct (available to recruits assigned
    to Recruit Training Command for initial training only)."