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Looking to transfer to NG

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  • Looking to transfer to NG

    I am currently a BU2 (E5) in the Navy reserve and I am looking at transferring to the MSARNG. I've seen a lot of people get asked why they want to transfer services, in my case it is because my current battalion is getting decommissioned soon, no exact time yet, and the Naval Construction Forces are going to be undergoing a major drawdown on both the active and reserve sides. I will likely either change jobs in the Navy or transfer services. Basically looking for more, and better, opportunities.

    I am in contact with a recruiter local to me, but I just want to go into the decision making process with as much information as I can. The major setback for me with the military has always been that I was arrested for posession of marijuana under 2 oz. (a class b misdemeanor) when I was 18 and given deferred adjudication, with everything having been resolved in 2002. I am enlisted now, but do have a BA from Baylor University and would like, if at all possible, an opporunity to seek a commission. I know that the drug charge makes a commission an impossibility on a federal level, but I, and the recruiter, are as yet unsure how it would affect my chances at a NG commission. I would appreciate any insight anyone might have on that front.

    I know in the Navy you basically have to be at the top of your field to become a warrant officer as they are subject matter experts, but I know little to nothing about the role of warrant officers in the NG, aside from the warrant flight program. Would warrant (not flight) be any kind of possibility for me or would I run into the same problems I would with a commission?

    I am also curious about the possibility of losing a pay grade.

    Don't know if it's helpful info, but I have 5 years active time and a little over 2 years reserve time with 1.5 years remaining on current enlistment. No bonuses taken.

    Also, how is manning currently for the Mississippi NG? Are they hard up for soldiers/officers, or are they mostly overmanned?

    Preemptive thanks for any help.

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    Re: Looking to transfer to NG

    NG officers hold Federal commissions just as active duty officers, along with a state commission. I suggest you speak with the OSM (Officer Strength Manager) about your chances. I am not 100% but I believe that Warrant officers hold the same federal commission.

    Losing a pay grade will depend on the slots available, this will depend on where you decide to drill.

    MS was overstrength last I checked before I deployed (8 months ago), but that doesn't mean all MOSs are over strength, your recruiter will be the one to point you in the right direction. I noticed you mentioned construction, MS has an entire Engineer Brigade with two full Battalions, the 890th down south and the 223rd up north might ask your recruiter about those units as I know my BN was short NCOs.


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      Re: Looking to transfer to NG

      I am a Warrant with a federal commission and when I went to WOCS, the Guard Warrants had to do their State swear-in as well.