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Class A's please help

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  • Class A's please help

    So I currently reenlisted from active duty to the National Guard and also re-classed. unfortunately my units funds aren't were they need to be so I don't have my NEW ASU's but I was told I can still wear my old greens. I re-classed from 92G to 11B. I was hoping my fellow guards can help me out. I was also prior 82nd and do have a combat patch. I've been out for 7 years and now that I'm back I feel so lost.....

    So my questions are:

    1. do I still wear my green and red French Fourragere shoulder cord?

    2. since I have a secondary MOS of 92G do I signify that any wear? do I still wear my quartermaster badge above my right pocket?

    3. would I still wear my "Army Meritorious Unit Citation Ribbon" (Red with gold frame) on my right side above pocket or at all?

    4. would I still wear my "Army presidential Unit Citation Ribbon" (Blue with gold frame) on my right side above pocket or at all?

    5. since we have yet to do weapons qualifications do I maintain my last weapons qualification badge or none at all?

    I wasn't sure since my unit earned these while I was there if they become part of my permanent uniform now.

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    Re: Class A's please help

    I am former Guard and now active duty.

    Here is a link to answer your main question. Google is your friend.
    Q5. What is a Soldier’s current Class A Uniform?
    A5. From August 2008 to 4th Quarter Fiscal Year 2014, the uniform is in transition to the new blue Army Service Uniform. Therefore, Soldiers can continue to wear Green Class A and the current (old) blue uniform as the new blue Army Service Uniform or transition to the new blue Army Service Uniform when available to Soldiers in Army Military Clothing Sales Stores.

    4th Quarter FY 2014 ends 30 Sept 2014.

    Also, ensure your current ERB and iPerms have the current information uploaded and annotated.

    If it is not on your current ERB; ensure you have the original copies of your awards/deployment orders in your "I love me" book and submitted to your S1.

    1) I believe you wear that when you are assigned to specific units (e.g. 82nd ABN)

    2) Consult your leadership but I will wear the affiliation of my primary MOS until formally MOS-Q in your reclass MOS. You will get the DUI and unit crests from your unit.

    3/4) Unit awards that are permanent could be worn on your uniform always. Again, ensure you have the memo/orders that state than you can. If your unit did not receive those awards during your time with them; then you do not wear them when you leave.

    5) I did in my case during my transfers but I will consult your immediate leadership for their input.
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