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Prior Service Enlistment Bonus (PSEB)

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  • Prior Service Enlistment Bonus (PSEB)

    Prior Service Enlistment Bonus (PSEB)
    1. Meet all the Prior Service enlistment requirements.
    2. Enlist for a 3 or 6 years enlistment contract.
    3. Minimum AFQT (ASVAB) score of 31
    4. No more than 16 years Time in Service (TIS) at the time of enlistment. Refer to regulation for more details on how TIS is determined.
    5. Must have an Honorable Discharge or honorable release on all service obligations. A General under Honorable discharge for any service is not acceptable with the exception of Soldier’s completing Initial Active Duty Training with an Uncharacterized discharge.
    6. Applicants enlisting under the provision of DD 368 (Conditional Release) from a Selected Reserve Component are not eligible for incentive. Soldiers transferring from the USAR may retain their existing incentives providing they continue to meet the incentive requirements.
    7. Applicants from a different branch than the Army must meet all the enlistment requirements. Refer to regulation for any exceptions. Applicant will not be contracted until their MOS is properly converted and approved.
    8. Prior Service Air Force, Navy, and Coast Guard must attend Basic Combat Training (BCT) if they have not previously attended Army or Marine Corps BCT. Exceptions are the Air Force Security Forces and the Navy Special Operations personnel. Applicants have 365 days to complete BCT. The initial payment will not be given until BCT is completed. The incentive will be lost if BCT is not completed within 1 year.
    9. Student Loan Repayment Program (SLRP) and Montgomery GI Bill Kicker ARE available concurrently with this incentive providing the applicant meets the requirements.
    10. Applicant must enlist in a valid, top-loaded MOS vacancy at E7 or below. Refer to the regulation for more information on Tier levels and scoring. The recipient must not fill an excess, over-strength, or manually-loaded vacancy.
    11. An applicant that has previously accepted a Non-Prior Service Enlistment Bonus (NPSEB), Reenlistment/Extension bonus, or Affiliation qualifies for incentive. However, an applicant that accepted a previous (PSEB) does not qualify.
    12. Soldiers whose last discharge from the ARNG or USAR who were fully eligible for reenlistment/extension and are within 365 days of their discharge are not eligible.
    13. The PSEB Addendum must be properly completed, within the appropriate time frame, and by the authorized personnel. Refer to the regulation for more details on Tier levels and scoring.

    Payment installment
    3 Year PSEB
    Installment 1: 50% upon reporting to unit of assignment or upon completion of BCT if applicable
    Installment 2: 50% upon 2nd year enlistment anniversary

    6 Year PSEB
    Installment 1: 50% upon reporting to unit of assignment or upon completion of BCT if applicable
    Installment 2: 25% upon 3rd year enlistment anniversary
    Installment 3: 25% upon 5th year enlistment anniversary

    *An applicant should ALWAYS refer to their local recruiter for the most up-to-date information on payment installments and amounts. These can and do vary between states and often change overnight.

    Updates denoted in bold. 04JAN13
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