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175th Frederick Md?

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  • 175th Frederick Md?

    Talking to my career counselor today, I am ets'ing soon, and considering Guard, or Reserve. He says 175th Maryland have some cool slots open like Free Fall(dont know much about this) and Pathfinder . He got my attention with it, just wondering if anyone knows much about this paticular Unit. Do these guys actually go to these schools? Is drill just a BBQ once a month, I dont mind a cook out mind ya, but Id like to get some training in as well ,

    He also says that the Guard is pretty tight with Bonus, Student Loan repayment, but my advantage is 2 year stabilization , 1 year reduced from my I.R.R., and Medical Benefits for Me and my Family. As, reserve will only offer me Med Benifits for only 6 months after I leave active duty, has no Infantry (other then Drill or instructor etc) will offer a bonus, no stabilization, 6 year commitment, and has loan repayment.

    What I'm getting at is, info on the Unit in Fredrick, and if Bonus and Loan repayment are available through Guard, and any extra info on the free fall/ pathfinder from out of that unit.


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    Re: 175th Frederick Md?

    Conventional NG guys getting MFF slots? Yea thats not happening. If they are a LRS unit they might have the ASI written into the UMR and MTOE but they will never get funding for it. Pathfinder maybe, but again it would be very unlikely to get a slot. Really the only NG guys who get those kinds of cool guy schools have a long tab and belong to either 19th or 20th SFG. Schools in the NG are pretty hard to get thanks to funding and politics within the state. In some states its even a battle to send INF LT's to Ranger School. Many highspeed and capable NCO's in the INF will never get a shot in the NG for Ranger School.


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      Re: 175th Frederick Md?

      Rgr, He told me it was a LRS Unit. He claims they have the funds....gotta be connected to SF somehow Im guessing. 20th is SF Pa. NG?


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        Re: 175th Frederick Md?

        The LRS unit in Maryland is C troop, 1-158th CAV (LRS). They have no connection to Special Forces other than LRS use a lot of the same tactics and techniques.

        There is an SF unit in Maryland, its Bco, 2nd Bn, 20th SFG (A) in Glen Arm.

        20th Special Forces Group Headquarters is out of Birmingham, AL.


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          Re: 175th Frederick Md?

          Cav Unit? Is there an Infantry Co, there or something he said it was slots for Infantry.


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            Re: 175th Frederick Md?

            1-175th Inf Regt is not a LRS unit.

            The only LRS unit in Maryland is at:

            Hagerstown Armory
            18500 Roxbury Rd
            Hagerstown, MD 21740-9538

            581st Trp Cmd
            C Troop, 1-158th Cav (Long Range Surveillance Unit)
            Even though it is part of a CAV unit, LRS consists of Infantry and communications MOSs.


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              Re: 175th Frederick Md?




              LRS units are compised mostly of 11B's. And yes there are infantry companies in Cav.


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                Re: 175th Frederick Md?

                Ok, Thanks again.