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368 Active to Guard/reserve at BOLC

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  • 368 Active to Guard/reserve at BOLC

    Good afternoon,

    I have an odd question maybe someone can answer. Currently just started BOLC and am an active duty officer. Long story short, for many serious reasons, serving on active duty is going to be nearly impossible for me over the next few years due to things at home (they sprang up recently unfortunately). I am interested in switching to guard/reserve while in BOLC before I reach my first duty station. All my research has shown that people always request the exact opposite and many have called me crazy for requesting it. It's not what I WANT to do, it's what I need to do.

    Anyway, my chain of command here isn't familiar with the process or if it's possible. I spoke to an OSM and they stated I should fill out a 368 (conditional release) to try to get into the guard. Is this the correct procedure? Has anyone heard about this before? If so what are my chances?

    And ahead of time I'll try to squash people giving me advice other than what I asked (respectfully of course). I understand what I am "throwing away", I have put a lot of effort thinking about it, so telling me to suck it up won't help (although I obviously will have to if I have no other options!). Also I know my other options like a hardship discharge. I worked hard for my commission and don't request to leave the Army, I would just like to change my contract.

    I remember when I researched The Guard awhile ago, there was a LTC on here that was really knowledgable, maybe he or someone else would know? Thanks in advance.

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    LT, as someone who has achieved three DD 368 transfers during the course of my military career (BTW, I am active duty now (15 years AD, 10 Reserve/NG)), a DD 368 is for Reserve/NG or vice-versa transfers, interservice-Reserve to Active transfer and same branch Reserve to Active transfer; not from Active to Reserve. The only way that occurs is an AD Soldier who applies for a full-time AGR position through the HRC website. Also, if that was possible, do you know how many AD Soldiers will submit that requests? Think about it.

    LTC Ritchie has not been here in a while so hopefully he will respond or a Redleg who is a-knows-everything guy about the Army, Reserves and NG. In your case, you need to speak to both Active and Reserve/NG officer liaisons at your location or talk to branch/cadre about a hardship discharge (Process Voluntary Release from Active Duty due to Hardship). I know you stated you do not want to leave but if your situation is that dire; than perhaps that is the last resort. I do not know what is your current commitment that prevents you from resigning your commission but your topic question is not available.

    BTW, Is there a Army base by your home or can those family members move with you?

    Good luck,


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      Moderator, what is wrong with this forum that you cannot edit your posts? I wanted to edit my posts that an Active to AGR position does not require a DD 368.


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        My recommendation:
        1. Write a succinct (one page) summary of the conditions that have forced you to ask for an early separation from active duty.
        2. Contact the Officer Strength Manager (OSM) of the state where you will live after active duty. Get a provisional letter of acceptance, with a specific unit, paragraph & line. This demonstrates that you have done due diligence, and are serious about meeting your service obligation. The OSM may need some encouragement to write that letter, and may want some documentation from you to prove that you meet eligibility standards. iPERMS is your friend.
        3. Discuss the situation with your commander and S1, with the two items above. You will need to bird-dog this, and may wish to get advice from the battalion chaplain, and IG (don't file a complaint, but do ask for guidance).


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          My apologies for bumping my old thread. I received some dead ends from the command.

          However, someone told me about a "National GuardCombat Reform Initiative that allows LT's to transition to the guard well before their contract. Is this still around? From my limited research I can't seem to find much about it.