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Current FED OCS Candidate @ Ft. Benning

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  • Current FED OCS Candidate @ Ft. Benning


    I'm currently an Officer Candidate at FED OCS and can try my best to answer any questions you all have.
    I most likely will not be able to shine any light on what you need to do to come to FED OCS because I enlisted as 09S and came straight here from basic training. I did not have to have an interview or board meeting. I am from Kentucky and every state has their own way of sending guardsmen here. I know how curious I was and how man questions I had regarding OCS. Please feel free to ask and I will do my best to answer in a timely manner, however, our personal time is limited here.

    * Also if anyone has information on MP BOLC please let me know I have some questions I would like to ask. Thanks!

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    Thanks for taking the time to post. I do have a couple questions regarding FOCS. I'll be shipping to BCT as 09S just over a month from now, so I'm trying to get everything sorted out now.

    First, what were your APFT scores before/after basic? I'm specifically focusing on my run times right now, as I am at just over 60 points. I know I need to pick it up, but progress seems to have slowed lately.

    Did you class up at OCS based on PT scores, or do you get a class sooner since the state is paying for it?

    Finally, did you pack everything you needed for FOCS before leaving for BCT, or did you buy the "kit" from either Commando or Ranger Joe's? If I gather everything before I ship, I'm not sure how I would get it for OCS, so it seems like it may be easier to just get the kit once I get there.

    Thanks again,



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      Your seat is guaranteed because that seat belongs to the NG. Have you been to


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        TapRacBang, If your PT score isn't so high right now don't worry, it will improve as long as your don't cheat yourself. My run time went from 16:08 before basic and my final APFT was 13:02. Doing ability group runs (AGR) and 30/60s and 60/120s will improve your time.
        The packing list on the official benning ocs website is out of date and has items on it that you do not need. You will receive a new one and be given time to get everything on the list after arriving at HHC.
        The maximum class size is 160 I think and we classed up with 140 +/- a couple. So, no the PT score didn't determine your slot in the class but that could be the case if there are more that 160 people ready to class up. My class size is now 114 and we just started history this week and that usually drops +/- 10 people. My class s a pilot course for a new ocs "schedule". Basically instead of going history, land nav, FLX, we have gone land nav, FLX, and now history at the beginning of week 8.

        My advice is just focus on getting through basic and improving your PT.