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09S Phase 0/ OCS rank question

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  • 09S Phase 0/ OCS rank question

    I enlisted as a specialist with the 09S MOS. I leave for basic next week but will not make it home in time to attend the State traditional OCS. The 1LT told me I would be stuck in phase 0 for a year until the next class starts or unless I get into Federal OCS in the winter. My question is if I am stuck drilling phase zero for a year before I start OCS will I be stuck as a specialist or could I be promoted to a corporal or a sergeant?

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    Talk to your COC. I would have ended up stuck in RSP for almost just as long (I was due to go accelerated) but in the mean time, my NCOIC made arrangements to let me DRILL with the traditional OCS soldiers on my drill weekends until my ship date. I was NOT IN their class but gained much more valuable knowledge than even being responsibility positions at RSP.

    You will be a Specialist until such a time you enter OCS at which time you are PAID AS as E-6 but you are not a Sergeant, not even a little bit, you are an 'Officer Candidate'. Corporal is not used very much anymore. If for some reason you are stuck in RSP, you would probably be referred to as an Officer Candidate or 'OC' but you will still be paid as an E-4 until you start OCS whether traditional or accelerated.
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      You couldn't be promoted beyond a SPC because you're not MOS qualified. As Chris already stated, after you begin OCS, you'll advanced to E-6 for the duration of OCS.


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        Thank you for the information. I am just really hoping that I don't get stuck in phase zero for a year before I can even start OCS. One more question- Say I end up being in for over 2 years before I get my commission. Will my time sure help me pick up 1LT quicker?


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          Not having started OCS yet and being stuck in RSP as opposed to "OCS Zero Phase" are two completely different things. Although not a formal POI phase, traditional OCS programs typically conduct a three-IDT period Pre-OCS program. It is part of OCS and it takes as long as it takes.
          This phase consists of instruction in:
          Basic Soldier skills,
          Drill and ceremony,
          Physical training,
          Administrative preparation.
          The goal is to prepare prospective candidates to succeed in OCS
          Regardless of how long you are in BEFORE OCS, you still have to be a 2LT a certain amount of time before you can be promoted to 1LT, so to answer your question, no.


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            I went to FOCS with a TXARNG guy, so it's at least theoretically possible. I would express interest in doing that, excel in BCT, score as close to 300 on APFT as possible, and see what happens.
            And as Chris said, no, promotion from 2LT to 1LT is based off TIG, not TIS, so pre-commissioning TIS won't matter.


            • SF Hunter
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              Just to clarify:
              TIG = Time in Grade
              TIS = Time in Service

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            Thank you again. No, I won't be stuck in RSP after back. I'll be drilling in Springfield doing phase zero until I am able to start. Do Drill Sergeants tend to call out Specialists at BCT/harder on them because of college?


            • Chris36
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              No. Even as a Specialist, you're all "Privates" and punished....I mean mentored, the Although you may be expected to act a little more mature since you've done some college. Responsibility opportunities are spread around pretty even, although as an 09S, you may be tapped to help first.

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            There is a state OCS program, both traditional (once a month) and accelerated (8 weeks) that starts every 6 months. Beginning in January and June. You should not have to be in Phase 0 for longer than 6 months before you move onto the Phase 1 portion of your OCS training. However, this could differ based on the leadership in your state. They may decide they want you in Phase Zero a certain number of drills before they will send you to Phase 1. In my state, I know OC's who have left after a single Phase 0 drill.