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    Good afternoon ladies and gentlemen,

    I am a brand new 2LT, who graduated OCS and branched AV last September. I have been drilling with my aviation unit as per my LOA for the past few months, and I need some off the record advice in dealing with the staff of my SAO.

    As per my last communication with the SAO secretary; I was told that the Aviation Selection Board is to take place this Friday (FEB 21), over a month ago. Since then, I have 100% completed my IREW selection packet and forwarded it to the secretary at the SAO via email about two weeks ago. I have heard no confirmation response as requested (numbers and email are both correct), nor has the secretary answered my messages left on the voice mail. I also called the program analyst multiple times with no response. IMHO, I find this lack of communication ridiculous and am ready to call the state AV officer to get information as to 1) whether or not the board is still on for Friday, and 2) whether or not the secretary received my complete packet. Last time I spoke to the secretary was over a month ago, and she confirmed that she received all of my paperwork minus an updated APFT and recommendation from my company commander ( both were sent in latest email, to which I have heard nothing.)

    Would I be justified in just calling the State AV officer myself, to find out what is going on? I am used to dealing with the bureaucracy, but I find this lack of communication ridiculous, and would like to at least know if I will board this Friday or not; after painstakingly compiling my packet mostly on my own.

    Any advice is greatly appreciated.

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    I would first talk to your Company Commander and see if he/she cannot find out about the board for you. If they don't have the information, they'll likely point you to your Squadron or Battalion XO who usually handles these type of things. If you still feel you are getting stonewalled, I would have no qualms contacting the SAO directly.

    I 'm at Rucker now about to start Common Core, and I personally talk to my SAO monthly to provide a status update. I also talked to them regularly before PCSing down here. I see no reason why contacting them directly would be a problem.


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      +1. Always work your chain of command first, before taking direct action.


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        Thanks for the replies, as it turned out a bunch of people came down with the flu and the bad weather kept some people out of work. Regardless, everything worked out .