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How Does SMP TIS Equate to O1 Pay After Commissioning (Active Duty)?

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  • How Does SMP TIS Equate to O1 Pay After Commissioning (Active Duty)?

    I am set to commission this April 2014 and I have searched google, DOD, and this forum extensively but haven't found any information on how SMP translates after commissioning. I will have 2.5 years on service when I leave the national guard for active duty. How can I figure out if I will get 01E pay? Or how can I accredit my MUTA's for advanced TIS?

    Any links or tips appreciated.


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    OK, the pay charts always show 4 years plus 1 day of active service to qualify for O1E pay and you've done ROTC for 2.5 years. So to answer your question, no you will not receive it. It's very difficult for RC Officers to qualify for it.


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      "how can I accredit my MUTA's for advanced TIS?"

      Perhaps you have conflated TIS for pay purposes with points for retirement purposes. For TIS purposes, based on what you've told us, you will commission with 2.5 years TIS. Therefore, you'll have the pay grade O1, using the column for two years TIS, and you'll get your subsequent longevity pay raises half a year sooner.

      If this doesn't make sense to you, or if this doesn't address your concern, refine your question and ask again.


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        +1 to Redleg. It pertains to enlisted that have served on active duty.


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          Thank you for the responses. This now answers my questions.