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  • Prior Service Linguist considering OCS in NG

    Hi everyone,

    First off, thank you for any advice/guidance in advance. I'm trying to make the right decision for my family.

    My background:

    I am 35 years old. I served 5 years active duty from 2001-2006 and 3 years IRR as a Persian Farsi/Dari linguist at Ft. Gordon, GA with the 513th MI BDE. I received an honorable discharge after completing my contract, with service awards. But, I injured my back in the Army, enough to get minor disability and be flagged for re-enlistment pending the passing of a PT test.
    I'm positive I can pass a PT test now without repercussions and my back hasn't been a problem for years. I may not pass at the top of my class, but if I get back into shape I'm sure I can do well (I have like 0% body fat and an athletic build, so it's just a matter of reconditioning my muscles).

    After the Army, I used my GI Bill to complete a Bachelor of Science in Health Administration & Emergency Management with a GPA of 3.46.
    Now, I'm considering enlisting in the Wisconsin NG and seeing if I can get OCS and become an Interpreter/Translator for Persian Farsi and/or Dari. However, I would probably need a refresher course since you don't find many Persians to converse with in Wisconsin.

    What are your thoughts on the feasibility of this path? I'll be talking to a WI NG recruiter tomorrow.

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    More than likely you will be able to join if you don't have over a 30% disability rating.


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      What do you think the prospects are for getting a good commission with all of that?


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        There are no officer positions for translator/interpretor those are enlisted positions. If you want to become an officer and still put your language skills to use, MI is probably your best bet.


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          You need to decide what is most important to you. As others have mentioned, if serving as a Persian linguist is most important to you then remain enlisted. If serving as an officer is most important to you, then at best your Persian language skill will become a personal hobby which the Army may support indirectly. Additionally, you have no formal guarantee of career field or pinpoint assignment when starting OCS (although some States do make semi-formal arrangements ahead of time), and MI doesn't need many lieutenants. This is a conversation to have with Wisconsin's OSM, and your local ARNG recruiter can put you in touch.