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    I am a prior service 68W Combat Medic with the TX ARNG and I am pursuing a commission via ROTC. I will commission May 2014 and I am hoping to go into Armor (I will not find out, for sure, what branch I will be assigned to until this next week hopefully but that is another issue specific to ROTC accessions altogether).

    Is there anyone with recent experience with Armor BOLC who can point me in the right direction as to how to prepare? I have been reading some of the books on the ABOLC reading list as provided on the Ft. Benning website (specifically The Prince by Niccolo Machiavelli, The Fourth Star by Cloud and Jaffe, and re-reading the Odyssey by Homer) and I have also read the 'Lessons Learned' document which has been helpful. Is there anything additional, besides the omniscient task of staying in shape, that would be beneficial to study or brush-up on prior to heading out to ABOLC? Are there any specific items, not listed on packing lists, that would be helpful to bring?

    Any insight, advise or general knowledge of the course-load and what to look out for would be greatly appreciated.



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    Armor is being combined with infantry should now be around 19 weeks!


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      Originally posted by kaytee617 View Post
      Armor is being combined with infantry should now be around 19 weeks!

      Come again? When is Armor BOLC going to be combined with Infantry BOLC? If you check on ATTRS, they are separate courses up until the end of FY2015. What you are saying is news to me. Any supporting documents?


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        Kaytee's information couldn't be more false. I finished the new model that they are implementing in August. It is less involved with class work and written tests, but more focused on training in the field. There will be a lot more field time than prior classes. It is NCO led and is broken down into 3 phases. Phase one consists of basic soldering skills. Phase two is gunnery on tanks and trucks. Phase 3 is tactics. It will not be focused on the OPORD process that they teach in ROTC, but rather FRAGOs. I would focus on showing up in shape and brushing up on land nav, the recon hand book, and the Tank/Scout Platoon manuals. You will most likely go to ARC as a follow on school but focus on BOLC then worry aboutARC when the time comes.


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          If you're going to go to Ft. Benning anyways, you might as well branch Infantry... *let the flame war begin*.