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Ribbons after OCS

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  • Ribbons after OCS

    Good morning Ladies and Gentlemen,

    I am a brand new 2LT in the PAARNG. I just completed OCS in September as an O9S and I'm currently in the process of trying to get my DA photo taken. The only thing holding me back right now is figuring out what ribbons I am qualified to wear on my ASU, and getting the associated paperwork squared away. No matter who I ask, I get conflicting answers. I obviously know that I need to get my Iperms updated to wear ribbons, but I hear everything from "you automatically wear them no paperwork necessary" to " you don't wear any until you are branch qualified". I am under the impression that I should wear the National Defense (graduated basic in March 12) and the Army Service. Even as my OCS class graduated, most of us were not put in for any ribbons, but a few had one or both of the above stated ribbons (they were awarded after basic) even as O9S. Any clarification would be greatly appreciated so I can push what needs to be done.


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    Yes, you would wear the National Defense ribbon and NO to the Army Service Ribbon because that is awarded upon completion of IDT (or BOLC for officers). Ref: Page 63, Chapter 5, Section II, Par 5-5 of Army Regulation 600𤾄2.


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      On AD, WO1s and 2LTs are not eligible to take a DA photo until they are promoted. Anyway, in the desert at NTC, so saying hi


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        I wrote a post and it has not be accepted by the moderator. I wrote that WO1s and 2LTs do not take their DA photos.


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          Chief, can you elaborate? I am in the process of preparing a packet for an aviation board and one of the requirements is a DA photo for E-5 and above. I enlisted as an E-4 09S. Upon acceptance to OCS I was promoted to OC, which in my case is an E-6. So what you are saying is that I was eligible for a DA photo an E-6 OC, but as a 2LT, I am suddenly not? To make matters even worse, I can't even get the story straight around here as to whether or not I wear branch insignia on my ASUs despite not-yet having attended BOLC B? Any input would be greatly appreciated.


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            Update to my prior post: Chief, I just found out that active duty 2LTs are not authorized to have DA photos uploaded to iPERMS. ARNG 2LTs are authorized to have DA photos uploaded. My main concern now is whether or not I am authorized to wear branch insignia prior to BOLC B. My commissioning paperwork does state my branch.


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              If you are commissioned, you can wear your branch insignia before attending BOLC. He's talking about DA photos for promotion boards, a totally different topic.