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In process of transferring from the Guard to the Fed Reserves as an Officer.

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  • In process of transferring from the Guard to the Fed Reserves as an Officer.

    The conditional release has been completed since early October. The current news is they my won't cut an order (discharge from NG/transfer to the Army Reserves) for me till they have a contract. Per AR-140-10, 5-5,1a.Issue transfer orders for officers. Same reg 5-6 lists the control groups. They've approved the transfer request. They have a letter of acceptance from the reserve unit I am going to and approved the conditional release because I live several states away. I am not ISTing due to the state I live in is not accepting Officers at this time. I am aware of NGR 635-100 but I am not transferring for a promotion or to retire. Thanks in advance.

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    You won't get a contract. All they need to do is put you into the IRR and then the USAR can put you into a TPU unit with a DA4187.


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      Awesome! That's what I thought...

      Another concern I had is do I need to write a letter of resignation stating I am requesting a transfer to Fed reserves as a commissioned officer and transferring due to distance with a letter of acceptance on file? I have it written per the recruiter's request. However, I've spoke to several other officers and all of them have unanimously stated do not resign your commission for any reason unless you never want to be an officer again. I understand NGR 635-100 chptr 5 states you have to write a letter of resignation for transfer requests for promotion, IIR transfer to get out completely and never be an officer again, and for the retired reserve. So, does this include just a transfer for distance and a state not accepting officer ISTs?


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        I have a related question. I am an officer in the Guard desiring to go to a Reserve Unit. I understand its easier for my Guard unit to separate me into the IRR and then the Reserves pick me up from there. What form is needed? What do I need to do? Thanks.