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Resigning a Commission/Involuntary Separation

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  • Resigning a Commission/Involuntary Separation

    I have an odd situation and need information from a third party.

    Back in May I was to be involuntarily separated under PPOM 13-006,d.b2I

    I had failed a PT test a couple years ago and even though I passed it a few months later, my commander still refused to recommend me for promotion, though no paper work was ever done and was never told I was denied. The IG/Jag inquiry went no where, apparently the commander has that right.

    So instead of being involuntarily separated I took the option to resign and submitted that through my chain of command and was told by not only my commander, but those responsible for this paperwork at state, they were interested in my case because they had never dealt with this before, that I need not worry about the resignation being denied and because I was resigning I would be able to request reappointment at a later date.

    Well I never got any phone calls or information until I decided to look at my paperwork on the HRC website.

    Separation orders are there, two different types, one from NGB and the other from state. There are two forms listing several names and their withdrawal of federal recognition. (NGB 126E and 123E, they appear to be identical)

    And then there is my resignation letter, which under it is a request for involuntary separation dated 1.5 months after the date of the resignation letter. It is signed by the state AG.

    On my separation orders from state, the date is listed as the date in my resignation letter, but the loss code is FB, which is failure to promote to 1LT. It is characterized as honorable.

    So before I make any phone calls, I would like to get some information sorted out. I don't trust the people I dealt with earlier.

    From the paperwork, it seems like I was involuntary separated from the state, but resigned from Federal. I just want to make sure I can get my Federal recognition back.

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    Re: Resigning a Commission/Involuntary Separation

    What is your desired goal? I'm not altogether clear that I understand the problem you seek to solve.


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      Re: Resigning a Commission/Involuntary Separation

      Originally posted by matthew.ritchie View Post
      What is your desired goal? I'm not altogether clear that I understand the problem you seek to solve.
      In that PPOM it says those being separated under that regulation cannot hold a federal commission again. I am trying to make sure that didn't happen.


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        Re: Resigning a Commission/Involuntary Separation

        Go onto AKO and look at your rank/component. A guess is they just put you back into the IRR. After that you would have to work with your branch manager at HRC.


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          Re: Resigning a Commission/Involuntary Separation

          My rank and branch from commissioning more than three years ago never changed from cadet in ROTC. Part of the resignation was resigning my federal commission as well, so I would not be in the IRR. I've had tons of paperwork issues since I joined.

          HRC also has me still listed as a cadet and on the paperwork it says transferred to N/A.
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