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  • AGR

    Once an Officer is selected to serve an initial AGR tour, how difficult is it to find subsequent AGR tour opportunities?

    The perspective I frame this question is in comparison to the Regular Army where my understanding is that as long as an Officer performs to standard, he or she can expect to be able to stay for 20 years with HRC assigning follow-on assignments. Am I correct in my understanding that the ARNG AGR program is much more competitive in that an Officer must find vacancies and compete/face a board every 2-3 years as tours end?


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    Re: AGR

    After the initial tour, the AGR officer is on indefinite status. Each state has a process to determine his next assignment, with the officer having a varying level of influence over that process. It can be easier or harder than active duty, based on a number of demographic factors. At 20 years of AFS (active federal service), the officer faces a retention board. He also faces a retention board at 20 years of total service (which often comes earlier for AGRs, since most have at least some M-Day time). The board can select the individual for nonretention, or allow one or two years of continuation, after which time he faces the board for another look.

    This is a simplified version, and other factors apply.


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      Re: AGR

      I received this e-mail recently.

      During the recent Active Guard Reserve (AGR) Officer and Warrant Officer Accessions Selection Panel held at US Army Human Resources Command (USAHRC) 24-28 March 2013, your records were reviewed.

      We are pleased to inform you that you have been recommended by the Panel to be added to the AGR Officer and Warrant Officer FY13 March Order of Merit List (OML) as Tier 1 – Best Qualified category. This notification DOES NOT guarantee you a position in the program.

      The expiration date of the FY13 March AGR Officer and Warrant Officer OML will be 29 April 2014.

      At this point, individual officer involvement is not a requirement. Vacancies are filled based on the needs of the Army Reserve. If there is a requirement for your current grade, date of rank, branch, skills, knowledge, abilities and experience, a member of the AGR Officer and Warrant Officer Accessions Team will make contact with you via AKO/email with an official notification to enter the AGR Program.

      If at any time you no longer desire to be on the OML, please notify US Army Human Resources Command at with the following information:

      • Place in Subject line - "NO LONGER INTERESTED."
      • In body of the email, provide: Name, Rank, and last four of your SSN.

      Our office is committed to selecting Officers from the Order of Merit List based on the recommendations from the AGR Panel membership. The AGR Officer Accessions Team currently does NOT accept by name requests from units, self-nomination for a position an officer found or was told to be vacant, or a General Officer’s endorsements to fill a non-nominative position in the AGR Program.

      Thank you for your interest in the AGR Program.

      AGR Officer/Warrant Officer Accessions Team

      Army Human Resources Command
      Officer Personnel Management Directorate Reserve Appointments and Accessions Branch
      Attn: (AHRC-OPD-A), (Dept 240)
      Room 2-2-029
      Ft. Knox, KY 40122-5204
      Comm: 502-613-6365
      DSN: 312-983-6365

      AGR Enlisted to Warrant Officer ARCD Points of Contact

      AGR Officer Accessions Team Inbox

      NOTICE: The information contained in this communication is intended for the sole use of the named addressees/recipients to whom it is addressed, in their conduct of official business of the United States Government. This communications may contain information that is exempt from disclosure under the Freedom of Information Act, 5 U.S.C. 552 and the Privacy Act, 5 U.S.C. 552a. Addressees/recipients are not to disseminate this communication to individuals other than those who have an official need to know in the course of their official government duties. If you received this communication in error, please do not examine, review, print, copy, forward, disseminate, or otherwise use the information. Please immediately notify the sender and delete the copy received.

      Now, to leave from AD to AGR; it will be a very deliberate decision and process and obviously; I would not lessen my promotion opportunities for a choice location.