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OCS and GI Bill and Kicker

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  • OCS and GI Bill and Kicker

    First, I have an 09S contract, finishing up Phase II of the Traditional OCS program, will graduate Phase III in August and subsequently take my commission in Sept.

    I began grad school in January of this year and am receiving TA and I was approved for the GI Bill, which I've been receiving payments for since January. It was brought to my attention that someone from my OCS class requested that my GI Bill approval be reviewed by NGB because hers was denied. I was informed that my GI benefits will be discontinued and I'll likely have to pay back the dispersements. I found that I was eligible for the GI Bill (ch. 1606) after completion of Phase 1, and it was approved and dispensed. Essentially, AM I eligible for the GI Bill? Or, if the approval was made in error, what's the process I can go through to appeal it?

    Also, I did not have Annex K/"kicker" on my contract, but I've read in numerous places that I'm able to apply for it with renewal of a 6 year contract. Please let me know the process/if possible, because my Readiness NCO can't seem to figure it out.

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    Re: OCS and GI Bill and Kicker

    I am not an SME in this area, but here is my understanding.

    Completion of Initial Active Duty for Training (IADT) is one of the prerequisites for eligibility for the MGIB - Selected Reserves. Since you are an 09S like myself you have "technically" not met that obligation. IADT is typically BCT and AIT for enlisted members, so it is more than just Basic Training or BCT plus Phase I. I believe it would be considered the entire duration of your commissioning source, i.e. once you're done with Phase III which woud be considered BOLC-A.

    It's the same reason 09S Officer Candidates are not eligible for the Army Service Ribbon (rainbow) Until after OCS, because it's award is also stipulated on the completion of IADT. We can only get it after OCS. The only thing that should have been on your DD-214 when you left BCT was the National Defense Service Medal (NDSM).

    If anyone knows any different let me know. Basically what I'm saying is you shouldn't have been deemed eligible for the MGIB-SR until after OCS.


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      Re: OCS and GI Bill and Kicker

      Do all 90 credit hours need to be from the same institution?