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Resignation Question...MSO...Who is tracking??

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  • Resignation Question...MSO...Who is tracking??

    Hello everyone

    Does anyone in the military track when an officer has met his obligations and is eligible to leave?? It sounds crazy but I have to ask. I had a 8 year statutory obligation begin upon my NG enlistment in 2003. MSO date of 2011...the standard 8 years.

    I received an ROTC GRFD Scholarship and my contract says "not to exceed 8 years." So it is my understanding that this began a new MSO from the date of commission, August 14th 2007. This would place my new MSO at August 14th 2015...correct?

    Does the 8 years incurred by the scholarship begin on the date of commission or the date you arrive at your unit for your first drill? I commissioned in August and I think my first drill was in October or November.

    I am trying to nail down an exact date of when I no longer am obligated to the military. The state is only tracking that old statutory MSO. I guess they don't track contractual obligations?

    Sometimes I wish there wasn't this confusion and we just had ETS dates like enlisted! I hate the ambiguity!

    Thank you everyone!

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    Re: Resignation Question...MSO...Who is tracking??

    Your answer lies in my signature file.


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      Re: Resignation Question...MSO...Who is tracking??

      I'm active so my ADSO shows on my ORB. Will that be the same for the Guard?


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        Re: Resignation Question...MSO...Who is tracking??


        So is the key date the actual date of commission? In which case a commission date of 14AUG07 with a GRFD Scholarship would end your obligation on 14AUG15...8 years? Or is the date something different, such as the date of your first drill after commissioning or something else entirely?

        Is it normal that this date is not being tracked by the state? I even asked if they would go in and change my MSO to 14AUG15 but they said there was no appears they only track the Statutory Obligation. Nothing on my ORB as well. I just want to make sure my documents are in order and if it is normal that this contractual MSO date doesn't appear anywhere.

        Thank you for taking the time to respond, sir!


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          Re: Resignation Question...MSO...Who is tracking??

          I really thought my FAQ covered your case precisely, but perhaps I'm mistaken. The GRFD scholarship incurs a contractual obligation for eight years starting on commissioning day.

          Whether your State will hold you to it is another story.

          For officers, the difficulty shouldnt be getting out, but staying in.