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  • Moving from AD to GR

    Hello all, I have a question for some of you in the National Guard that may qualify as odd. But I'm currently in country and unable to walk into an area and ask in person so here we go.

    Bottom line, I'm looking to transition to the Guard/Reserve (I'd prefer AGR if at all possible) in pretty much any State after I return from theater. I'm also looking to transition branches. I'm currently an MI CPT, and have already been through CCC and am working on my time as a BN S2. The absolute truth, however, is that I'm not enjoying it and would like to try and become a pilot. Helicopters are prefered, but if it has wings and goes in the air, I'd probably be happy. I've already missed the window for getting branch transferred (my YG is 07 and we've gone black) while on AD so the G/R is my only hope. I still have to get the flight physical and the AFAST, but I'm not worried about either of those, as I've aced the practice tests I've taken and I'm only 28 and have 20/20 uncorrected vision and good hearing.

    Anybody who could lend me some advice, I'd greately appreciate it. The research I've been able to do on this side of the world has been slim to none, and I have no clue who to reach out to on this one.

    Thanks in advance,


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    Re: Moving from AD to GR

    I am active duty in Afghanistan and any AGR requests need to be submitted via the HRC website and it is through a selection board. I do not know if officers could apply for positions outside their branch.

    If you want to fly, you can also apply for the Warrant Officer Flight Program but there are things you have to do with that as well. It would have been easier if you were applying for AD WOFT. You do have to resign your commission to do so (if you get selected). Then you receive your warrant commission.
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      Re: Moving from AD to GR

      I have completed a couple of Inter Service Recruit packets which is what you would be considered. You need to get with the ARNG state's OSM and verify there is slot vacant. The next step is to send your last three OER's and your ORB to him/her so that they can forward it to the chain of command at the unit that you will be going into, this is just a common courtesy thing so they know what they are getting. After the commander gives the approval, the OSM can piece together the ISR packet and forward it to DCSPER-O for processing and get some orders cut. As far as getting a Title 32 AGR job, the state's HRO will the starting point. Job announcements come out through that dept and there is packet that you must submit before you will be called for an interview.


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        Re: Moving from AD to GR


        As you are probably realizing, there are a variety of issues here, but none of them insurmountable. I was on the phone with someone at National Guard Bureau recently who said, "Yeah, one of the challenges is that we have 50 seperate Armies in the National Guard." To a certain extent that can be a truisim.

        While I know you are just trying to formulate your career path, you have indicated more than one course of action here. 1. You would like to be AGR, and 2. You would like to branch transfer into the aviation community. These are likely not compatable in the short term. Frankly, there are a great deal MORE opportunities for full time reserve service within the 35 series (of course, you'll continue to be branch qualified regardless).

        I guess my first bit of advice is decide what you really want to pursue. Do you REALLY want to fly? Slicker makes an excellent point. Considering a Warrant is a excellent option if flying is really a passion that you want to explore. You are a Captain already, and if you ask most hard bar aviators, flight time dwindles rapidly past company grade.

        Honestly, if you would like a opportunity to attend flight school (UH-60 pilot/ 153A) and don't mind living in the northeast, feel free to contact me and I can help you explore that real possiblity.

        States will generally require that you assess into their state, or at least the Guard somewhere prior to being eligible to apply for Title 32 AGR positions. I can't personally speak to Title 10 Reserve AGR jobs.

        Daniel Landers
        2LT, MEARNG Recruiting and Retention Command
        Gold Bar Recruiter
        (207) 745-2552
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