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National Guard leadership question

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  • National Guard leadership question

    Evening gentlemen, I have a question re guarding the leadership of officers in the NG. I myself am in the Marine Corps Reserves. I'm an infantry Marine so I have a good idea what it's like in the infantry. My question is switching over to the guard after college and becoming and infantry officer and how much i'd really lead. In my unit now my CO does all the formations before and after drill but for the most part it's all my platoon commanders (Gunnery's E-7s) and Staff Sargents E-6s that are OIC and RSO in all our ranges and our CO comes around for a few hours. Given he has 3 platoons to monitor in just 2 days in the field. When I went through active duty training about 6.5 months long the COs even for just a training company were very active and seen a lot. I'd like to be an officer in the NG for a lot of different reasons. Marine reserve drills sometimes start on a Thursday night and ends Sunday. While I enjoy spending time in my military uniform I have a career and school to get accomplished. I'm working on getting a career in medicine, so I will be just as dedicated to that as my military contract.

    I understand that there is a large portion of probability I left out; Who says I can become an officer? Who says I can be infantry at that? etc. I don't need everything pointed out to me this is just about the leadership of officers.

    Another thing is extra classes and courses. I read somewhere the pipeline for infantry officers went along the lines of OCS/Basic Infantry School/Ranger school. (No airborne because they aren't trying to make Airborne Rangers) but ranger school for it's combat leadership properties. I'll take time off to go to any extra courses I can. Airborne, SCUBA, pathfinder, etc. I'm one of those motards, I max out my PT tests and try for the best rifle range scores. I says this because I've googled something and read some man on a forum saying he'd like the be an infantry officer just to serve his duty and get out of the military and wanted to skate by. That infuriated me, myself being and enlisted man and if he got back with the bare minimum I'd have to be lead by that man! This is a rather long post a scattered out. Any advice or help would be much appreciated.