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    I am attending BCT and Federal OCS from July 2012 to January 2013. My question is how long I would wait for BOLC, and how long BOLC usually lasts. I am anticipating entering into a PhD program by Fall 2013, is it possible I could have BOLC and any specialty schools (such as AA, Airborne, Sapper, etc) that I need wrapped up by then?

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    Re: Officer Timeline

    Without knowing your branch, it's very hard to answer any of your questions.


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      Re: Officer Timeline

      There's a tremendous amount of variability in these situations. I fear that we cannot give you any definitive guidance. The good news is that you're commissioning in the winter. Because the majority of lieutenants commission in May-August (ARNG OCS, ROTC, and West Point), the summer is the hardest time to get into BOLC. Therefore, you have reduced competition for slots. What that means in terms of actual hard dates, I cannot predict.

      What did your OCS commander tell you when you raised this question through your chain of command?