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Service remaining obligation for E-5 after promotion

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  • Service remaining obligation for E-5 after promotion

    I am an E-5 in the NY Army National Guard (I was prior service active duty Air Force before going Army). I have expressed an interest in switching to the Air National Guard in the same state. When I was notified of my selection for E-5, I was told by my readiness NCO that if I accepted the promotion, I had to stay in the unit as an E-5 for at least a year from the effective date of my promotion. So I accepted the promotion and waited a year... a year passed and I contacted my readiness NCO about this and now he is saying it is now actually two years. I referred to AR 600-8-19:

    Chapter 7
    Enlisted Promotion and Reduction of Army National Guard Personnel

    7–8. Service remaining obligation
    a. The following service remaining obligations, from effective date of promotion, are required for promotion to SGT through SGM:
    (1) To SGT and SSG, 1 year.
    (2) To SFC through SGM, 2 years.
    b. Service will be obligated from the effective date of promotion and Soldiers must extend or reenlist in order to
    accept the promotion. Soldiers under involuntary extension will be contacted and afforded the opportunity to extend to accept the position. However, Soldiers are exempt from this requirement if they are—
    (1) Eligible through prior service for higher pay grade at time of retirement.
    (2) Able to serve at least 6 months in the grade but will be involuntarily separated due to medical disqualification, action by a nonpunitive board, or will reach their maximum years of service by grade (RCP), or maximum age.

    I told my readiness NCO that the regs stated this but he is still saying I need to wait two years and then brought up "New York Army National Guard" regulation which I can't seem to find ANYWHERE. I talked my PSG and he said that he will get a hard answer next drill and then we would figure it out.

    Does anyone have any idea why it would be two years instead of one year which is clearly stated in the regs? Is my Readiness NCO just misinformed?

    Also, is there state regulation that trumps AR's? I searched everywhere for NY National Guard regulations and cannot find anything regarding this matter.

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    You can always call your state's IG and inquire without divulging your name or your unit's. They will set the record straight for you ASAP.


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      I will also start working with your ANG recruiter on getting the process started for transfer.


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        OP, I've "heard" the 2 years as the suggested time, not the required time. Your issue is going to be can you keep your rank going to ANG.


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          Perhaps your RNCO actually means a service obligation after completing the NCOES required to achieve/maintain the promotion, and not the promotion itself.