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  • Pay issues

    Good evening. I was a prior service USMCR and I have been with my Guard unit for about 3 months going into 4 without getting paid. I addressed this issue about a month after my first drill and my unit training NCO said I won't get paid for about 2 months (and the same happened with him when he joined the ARNG from the Marines.) I addressed this issue again with my training NCO and chain of command and they just told me 'it's in the process' and that I'll get back pay. I checked my mypay and all they have is my LES from the USMCR which means I'm still not officially in the ARNG payroll. When I contacted DFAS to see if I can resolve the issue, they said it has to come from my unit. My unit has to send documents stating I'm a drilling ARNG Soldier. My question is, how long does it take to resolve this issue? Is this normal for prior service guys? I'm not on ING or IRR. Thank you.

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    Devil Dog, have you moved up the chain and discussed the matter with the platoon sergeant or first sergeant? When I came in the Guard back in the day, pay was two months behind. Meaning my pay that arrived in March was for January. Now, with direct deposit, you will receive your pay about two weeks after you finished your last drill. If they mean, the two months is because you are new and in the system, then that is understandable. But now it is three months, so I will start calling your full-timer in your unit so they can engage the finance personnel for action. If your CoC does not get you squared away by next drill (meaning the 1SG is aware of the matter); then I will use the open door policy to see your Commander. Good luck.


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      I appreciate the reply Chief. I failed to tell you that my training NCO is currently the acting 1SG-he is on active duty as well. I haven't even met my actual 1SG at my unit yet but met my plt commander and CO. My platoon SGT and Squad Leader know about it too but they are drilling status. I'll see what the status is before I go up to the CO.


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        My command (training NCO) has contacted the payroll office and according to my training NCO the payroll office claimed they can't do anything because the Marines 'didn't properly discharge' me. I spoke with my Marine unit admin section and then DFAS. DFAS confirmed I'm not a drilling Marine anymore and was discharged in their records and my old unit obviously discharged me. It seems everyone is pointing the finger to someone else. I let my training NCO know and he told me it seems pay roll is playing games. The National Guard contracts out their payroll to the state payroll office who's responsibility is to update me on DFAS. This is according to the training NCO.

        Will it be a good idea to contact the payroll office (United States Property and Fiscal Office for California) directly instead? When I had pay issues in the Corps, I always handled it myself.