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  • Getting a lawyer involved


    I've currently been in the NG as a infantryman for 4 years and have 2 years left on my contract. I've been flagged for something for over two years and was suppose to be chaptered out with a general discharge that has been in the process for over 2 years. I understand that my benefits will be taken away and it is frowned upon to receive anything other than a honorable discharge. I'd rather not specifically say what it is because I fear most here will just ridicule me and call me a $hit bag ect... Now that I am closer to my ETS and have fulfilled more than half my contract and have been a good soldier besides this flag over my head, I want to stay in and finish my contract. I also want to get this flag lifted and try out for scouts and do something more high speed.. My leadership has nothing bad to say about me. I'm motivated and perform well and always volunteer, I am in good shape and shoot regularly on my own.

    I would like advice on what to do. I know that my packet it up at state level and it's a waiting game. But it just doesn't seem right that I continue to show up and perform and knowing that there's a impending general discharge is a motivational killer. I want to finish these 2 years and receive an honorable discharge. I'm EMT-B cert and need experience working before I can go to paramedic school and hopefully be a firefighter paramedic in the next 2 years. I'd rather have a honorable discharge than a general when I go to apply as a firefighter...

    What is the best route in getting a lawyer? JAG? Private military lawyer? I'm getting absolutely no advice or guidance from my leadership and have a feeling that I will be 6 months or something close to my ETS when I receive the general. That's just messed up.

    There has to be something somewhere in the military legal stuff that can help me.

    If someone willing to give advice wants to PM me to get the details

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    Go visit your state's JAG because I don't have an idea of what you in trouble for.


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      Hard to give you advice on anything when we have no idea what the actual issue is.... Besides, I have NO idea who you are in the first place. So are you just afraid to admit it to yourself? Specific questions are the only things that get specific answers.


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        Something is off here. Are you sure they just didn't bar you from re enlistment? We have time limits on processing seperations.


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          What ever, screw it. Not like I can get in more trouble for saying what I did years ago. I failed my drug test for marijuana. Please, if your first thought is to click reply and bash me, stop there cause I've heard it all before. This was my thought exactly realitycheck, that there has to be some form of time limit or something that they can't just keep someone for years after they were suppose to discharge them without it become invalid or something... I don't know. I signed some paperwork AGAIN for the 3rd time with a new CO that says they are separating me with a general under honorable conditions discharge. That was 3 months ago and I doubt its going to be fast tracked or anything. By the way, it's not just me, there are about 4 others with the same issue. They say that it's just a waiting game and that it's up at state level. A waiting game that has been years... literally.

          No, I don't indulge in marihuana anymore. Gave it up to become a health care professional. With that said, I still don't think it's bad in moderation compared to many other things. Hell, that shitty water that they always seem to over chlorinate and put god knows whatever else in it is likely worse. I spend 20 hours in the ER this weekend and guess what, not one was in there for marijuana. ETOH, opiates, and prescription medications... that's a different story. I can go on but I shall digress.

          Give me something worth fighting for and I'll be more motivated to keep training to kill people. Until then, I'll help my local community.