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Help resolving issues with a team leader.

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  • Help resolving issues with a team leader.

    Hello everyone, I am here to get some hopeful insite on how to properly deal with an NCO (team leader) who lacks leadership, respect. Myself and other members under her command agree that our team leader consistantly belittles and berates us for no reason. She lacks self confidence and utilizes arrogance to present a false sense of leadership. After our drill on Sunday, she attempted to contact me 27 times on the phone. Today was a little better only 6 lol. But this SGT contributes nothing to benefit the welfare of her troops but only continues to decrease morale in the team. Im rather new to the army, only being in for 2 years. However, I am also 31 years old with substantial life experience. I understand age has no correlation to military, but I ask a few simple things. Respect me as a person, dont degrade me infront of peers and dont have a condescending attitue with every question that I may have.

    Anyone have any idea on how to deal with this? Also, I have a feeling that I am going to have to pay the piper for not answering her calls. What is the Army corrective action training manual? I am curious for the number of excercises and number of reps an NCO can make you do. Last month she made a SPC do 45 burpies straight, to me, that was not acceptable for leaving his fleece jacket in the storage room.

    Sorry for the rant, I feel better blowing off some steam.

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    When I was a Sergeant with the 101st, my PS (Sergeant First Class) always dropped F-bombs and he told me to STFU in front of everyone. Now, I have tough skin and been cursed at many times in the military but just this person was very unprofessional. At the end of formation, I asked if I could speak to him in private and expressed my concerns. After that, he shook my hand and never did that to me in public again. Try it.


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      A corrective action must fit what the soldier did. Doing 48 burpies is not the right way to conduct business. If this their first time time messing up take the soldier to the side or put it on a 4856 under the plan of action "soldier will have jacket at all times for the next two drills for example.
      Your other question under fm 7-22 Army PRT a soldier will only do five reps of a certain exerise (8 count push up) but they are listed in there. Reason why is because soldiers were getting over trained to the point where they were going to sick call for a smoking .

      Your NCO from what you are explaining to about her, I would take her off to the side and explain your position in a respectful way withyour squad ldr present . If that doesnt work take it to your platoon sgt or use the open door


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        I forgot to answer your question on corrective training and what is expected of NCOs is to utilize 10 repetitions of the exercise in which they would join their Soldier in doing them (e.g. 4 count push-ups). But the main guidance from Command Sergeant Majors are to counsel Soldiers on their infractions.


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          i didnt have the reg in front of me its 5-15


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            This NCO in question needs to learn the difference between corrective action and punishment (improper punishment). NCO's do not have the authority to administer a punishment, especially an improper punishment (like burpies).