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  • deployment prep time

    I've had a couple questions about my units deployment that no one seems to know the answer to. Basically I'm about to finish ait and my unit is scheduled to go to mobilization training in June and deploy in august (according to the news articles.) I'll finish ait in early April. A friend of mine said that I wouldn't be going with them since they have to give you 6 months notice before they deploy you and I haven't received any orders saying I am going. Based off that info, is it likely I'm going? Is there anyway to increase my chances of going (like filing a form as soon as I get to my unit or something?) Who will I need to talk to to find out for sure? The nco above me when I get to my unit? Appreciate any help I can get, this is making it hard to plan for the future

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    If you want to ask somebody then I would just contact your recruiter and see if he has any contact information for your unit.

    I'd say most likely you are going to deploy with your unit. I had a buddy that graduated his AIT about a month before his unit deployed and he still had to go, this happened recently by the way.


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      According to news articles? On the internet or your unit's newsletter? Harder to plan for the future? You joined with the expectation of serving two weeks on active duty and possibly deploy. You should already have a plan for that time. If your deployment is to Afghanistan, most likely you will be back for the Christmas and New Year's holiday since the war will be over by then. If anywhere else, it should be fun and a great experience. But I will not get twisted with the unknowns right now and leave your recruiter alone since you are no longer his responsibility. Yes, you can always call him for questions and advice. But I will wait to you get to your unit and receive all the facts. Then you will have a better idea of what to expect.


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        Your friend doesn't know much. Last year when my unit deployed we had two soldiers that had just graduated AIT 3 weeks prior to the start of our pre-mob and they deployed with us. Back in 2004 I left AIT 2 days before graduation so that I could link up with my unit and begin pre-mob on time.


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          +1 to Explosive. Here is an article that just came out today on Army Times


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            Hey, no need to be so accusatory. I'm fine with whatever happens, in fact I think it would be awesome to go to Afghanistan. I just want to know so I can plan accordingly. If I don't get to go I'm going to want to enroll in classes. News articles was my local newspaper which released sone information. Only reason I included that was so it was clear I wasn't violating opsec, this was public info. My recruiter told me they were going he just didn't know the dates. At any rate, it sounds like I'll probably going which is fantastic. I guess I'll just have to wait tell I get to my unit to be sure