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Moved schools now what?

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  • Moved schools now what?

    ANG member, crew chief. Have served 4 years of a 6 year contract, got bonuses that have been paid out. I transferred undergrads last September, 6 months ago, across the country and spent all summer notifying my command and direct supervisor about it. They said I was cleared to do block drills during breaks from school and attend drill over the summer months. Just prior to leaving for school we had a major exercise/inspection that conflicted with orientation at my school. I attended for half the exercise then had to depart for school cross country and notified them as such. My school is providing me with 125k in scholarships and that is something I couldn't justify jeopardizing to attend some exercise sitting on my back side in a tent. They clearly preferred me to sit in the tent and I understand this from their perspective, however, I joined in large part to get an education and I have busted my butt in school to transfer into a top 10 school, far exceeding my expectations. I plan to pursue medicine and now find myself in a position where attending medical school at a place like Harvard or Stanford is a very real possibility...this reality has become a juggling act b/c my educational expectations are far removed from what most of my peers are pursuing at local schools...skipping class is not the end of the world in their situation. I respect our difference and recognize I have chosen this path of added stress.

    Now nearly 6 months on after having moved and thinking all is well I started getting paperwork in the mail about unexcused missed drill. I contacted my unit to inquire and was then notified command had pulled the option for me to do block drills. I have now been given the ultimatum to attend drills monthly, at a cost of ~$450 to fly cross country, or I can pursue a transfer to a local unit. The issue is I am now in a region where the closest unit to my school is 200+ miles away and I lack a car out here. What happens if I continue to not show at my original unit until early summer as planned then attend over the summer? I'm not concerned with retirement or re-enlistment and simply want to avoid a negative's clear I'm now on the $hit list at my unit. Not really sure what the best avenue to pursue is.

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    Continue not drilling and you'll be discharged, depending on the separation authority it could be a negative discharge. You would loose all ed benefits and bonuses. You would also risk having to repay those benefits.

    Since you have a legit conflict, check with your unit about going into the IRR. The packet is easier and faster for them then putting you out through non-participant route.


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      thanks for the response...definitely don't want to deal w/that situation.

      Is my unit inclined to transfer me to the IRR? Seems like more of a favor on their part as it absolves me of showing up from the sound of it. What situations warrant IRR and is it also likely I'll have to repay any bonus' do I lose any monthly education benefits/kickers?


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        You would loose all of your education benefits and might have to repay a portion of your bonus.