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Running out of things to do at drill

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  • Running out of things to do at drill

    I'm trying to come up with a list of non mos specific things to do at drill. It has to be stuff that can be done around an armory. So far I have weapons assembly for anything besides the m4 and m16, radio training with how to set up and load channels, and land nav. As far as land nav we have access to a decent sized open field nearby but no woods. Besides practicing getting a pace count and checking how accurate it is can anyone think of a way to practice land nav? I appreciate any ideas even if they aren't fully formed. Someone else may be able to help finish them.

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    What is your MOS? There is nothing listed on the training schedule for upcoming drills? Drivers training?


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      I'm a 68W and there are things on the training schedule. The NCO's in my platoon recently asked a few of us to come up with a list of stuff that we don't know well but would like to focus on more.


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        The one area that most people need to focus on the most for land navigation is what you do in the classroom before heading out to the woods. Go over the basics of MGRS, how to interpret a map for terrain association, how to accurately plot a point, do a resection etc. If you can accurately plot your points and come up with a good plan of execution then you have completed the hardest part of land nav in my opinion. Then the skills of shooting an azimuth, counting your paces etc for dead reckoning come next. But even with those mastered if you don't plot the point correctly to begin with you will never find your point.


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          Think beyond basic soldier skills. Many of the lower enlisted and no idea how to use ALMS, read their LES, access certain information on AKO, or how Tricare Reserve Select works. It would be incredibly valuable to teach classes on these skills. See if your unit has a soldier who take full advantage of your state's education benefits and have them teach a class on that. Everyone knows (or should know) land nav, basic radio skills, and basic weapon skills. These were skills taught in BCT, Most have no idea about their benefits or pay.


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            ^^^ Agreed. Once I learned my way around AKO, I found there was a wealth of information there and it often saved me asking questions that I could easily answer myself.