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  • MOS Reclassing

    I've been an E4 11b in the CA ARNG for two years now, and I've been trying to reclass into 35p to pursue greater military and civilian career opportunities. However the process has been held up by my readiness NCO for about six months now. I have found a receiving unit nearby that has accepted me, but my current readiness NCO won't release me because he says he needs to enroll me in 35p school (which is actually DLI first) in order to make the transfer. First I was told that I need a security clearance to be enrolled, so I submitted my paperwork through the receiving unit, but they cannot put me into EQIP to get my clearance because at this point half a year later I now have less than 12 months remaining on my contract. My current readiness NCO will not extend my contract by the two months I need for the clearance because monthly extensions can only happen when enrolling in school, and that I need to instead extend for at least 2 years with him to cover my DLI and AIT. Needless to say, I am extremely hesitant to extend for a multi-year contract with the unit I am trying to leave, trusting that they will follow through with my transfer after I commit more of my time to them. I will have no problem extending for several years once I am with the new 35p unit.

    If that sounds confusing and doesn't make sense, well I don't get it either. I also do not understand why my current unit must enroll me in the school in order to transfer me if they are not the ones who will be paying for it. I am a motivated, physically fit, well educated soldier and I love to excel in any and all tasks, so I don't understand why I don't seem to be getting much support.

    If anyone can clarify the MOS reclassing process so that I can at least understand whats going on or how I can get around this roadblock I would greatly appreciate it.

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    At this time my advice is to get a Battalion Career Counselor involved (unless your RNCO is a BCC). These soldiers are specifically trained to help soldiers in your situation. I am not a BCC yet but, I am attending the Battalion Career Counselor's Course in two weeks so please ask a fully trained BCC to be certain.

    Some Regs about reclass you can google and get a pdf of:

    NGR 600-200 Enlisted Personnel Management
    Chapter 2
    Classification and Reclassification

    As for an extension, this may help you out.

    NGB-ARH Memo # 09-026

    Section II Para 5 States:

    5. Date of execution of extension of enlistment
    a. All Soldiers are authorized to extend 12 months out from their scheduled ETS date either with or without a retention bonus. Soldiers, except those bonus-eligible Soldiers as defined above, may extend at any time during the current term of service if the extension is to satisfy a service remaining requirement for:
    (1) Application for and attendance at any training that requires a period of remaining service. Soldiers eligible for bonuses who are required to extend or immediately reenlist in order to attend courses may defer that action until they are within 12 months before their currently scheduled ETS. This is an exception to the policy in NGR 351-1 (Individual Military Education and Training) and any other regulation requiring the remaining service.

    Section II, Para 6 States:

    6. Period of extension of enlistment
    a. Table 1 lists authorized periods of extension.
    b. Extensions of enlistment will be for a period of not less than one year, measured in whole years, except as noted in table 1.

    Section V

    Table 1
    Authorized periods of extension

    Rule A
    Applies to: Soldiers fully eligible, including those with approved waivers of disqualification.
    Period: 1, 2, 3, 4, 5, or 6 years.

    Rule F
    Applies to: Soldiers who must or who desire to extend to:
    1. Attend training that requires a period of remaining service.
    7. Satisfy a remaining service requirement for promotion per AR 600-8-19.
    8. Qualify for a program, benefit or entitlement (except for monetary benefits under the SRIP) which requires a minimum period of remaining service.
    Period: Any period up to six years that will satisfy the requirement. Extensions are authorized at any time during the current enlistment.
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      SPCprof, I'm also currently an 11B in the CA ARNG trying to reclass to 35P. I've been in the unit for about a year. I'm very interested in this topic and would like to get some advise...


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        Thanks for that. I spoke with a retention NCO outside of my company, I'm not sure if that's the same as the career counselor or not- I'll look into that though- but he said that the whole situation was bs, that all my readiness NCO needs to do is sign off on my transfer, that he doesn't have the responsibility of enrollment. However I afterwards spoke with the receiving 35P unit's readiness, and unfortunately they confirmed my current readiness NCO's stance. Apparently this retention NCO's information is out of date. Recently California put in this "Righting the Force" initiative, that prevents soldiers from transferring into units for which they are MOSQ'd. The current unit must enroll the soldier in the new MOS school in order to ensure that they will receive the proper training and not sit around unqualified and useless at the new unit.

        The initiative makes sense, however I have not been able to find anything about it on the internet. I'd like more information about how it works. My best bet is probably out of state at this point though anyways.