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Ranger School and other schools questions.

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  • Ranger School and other schools questions.

    Before I start asking questions let me introduce myself,
    I'm currently an 11B in the 82nd, I'm considering joining the NG.
    My two questions are:
    -Realistically what are my chances at getting into Ranger school, after I get to NG unit (after dropping the packet)?
    Here at Bragg they want people to go, but does NG units have the financial capabilities to send their men out to "go get after it"?
    -Again ,realistically, what are the chances of me getting accepted to Sniper, RSLC, and other specialty schools?

    Thanks for your help.

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    The National Guard has fewer specialty school slots, although there are fewer people competing for them as well (since many people can't take off long periods of time from their civilian jobs). If you serve in a unit and in a position that requires a school, and you are available and prepared to attend, then you have a decent chance of getting it. You likely won't get as many specialty schools in the Guard, largely because the priority of funding goes towards schooling with an immediate impact (e.g., NCOES).

    I'm sure ten other messages will follow with sad stories about Soldiers who couldn't get schools. While I can't comment on any individual's personal hardships, I can state that historically the reasons that people don't get schools are:
    - The school is not a requirement for their MOS, duty position, or unit. Army schools are designed to make you a better asset to the force, not for any individual's personal fulfillment.
    - The Soldier is not prepared for the course. Some courses have online prerequisites, or PT standards, or other requirements.
    - The Soldier is unavailable. I've tried to get into a certain course for two years, and I've had reserved seats, but it's always held during a time that I can't go for operational reasons.
    - Lack of school seats. States prioritize funding, and while it may be personally disappointing, I would hope that as a professional one would understand that NCOES and MOSQ schools should come before ASI and badge schools.