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Active First Obligation Question

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  • Active First Obligation Question

    Basically I need to know if I transfer into the IRR if my bonus will be recouped. Here is all the details.

    I initially joined through the CA ARNG through the Active First Program. I was told that I would do 48 months active duty and 2 years ARNG. And that the bonus total would be 60,000. After some reading recently I realized that the 40,000 was for active and the 20,000 was for return to my originally NG unit.

    I have served my 48 months on active duty with a 6 month extension on active.
    I was then enlisted into the USAR to finish out my MSO (3 years and some change.)
    I have been in the USAR for about 6 months and need to transfer into the IRR.

    I did receive the 40,000. I didn't receive the 20,000, which I am perfectly ok with.

    This whole situation is strange because technically I should be in the Guard not the Reserves, and I have 3 contracts, and one extension. The three contracts have no mention of each other, and my last contract the one putting me in the USAR says absolutely nothing about me being an Active First Soldier.

    It is my assumption that my 48 months fulfilled my obligation for the 40,000 bonus, then either when I extended or when I joined the USAR I voided the second part of the ARNG contract and that 20,000 bonus. So I should be fine to transfer into the IRR with no recoupment. I am just not 100 percent sure on that, and I was told that my career counselor at my unit is not a very honest guy, so I really can't trust much of what he tells me.

    I know that this may be a complicated issue, and I want to thank you for the time you took to read this. I would really appreciate and help that you can offer.

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    Re: Active First Obligation Question

    Out of curiosity, why did you go USAR?


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      Re: Active First Obligation Question

      Because I am a idiot to be honest. As part of my ETS checklist I had to go to the retention center at the Soldier Support Center. I had been waiting there for about 45 mins, and MSG grabs me and takes me in his office. Says ok I have a slot for you here you go, I started looking through the paperwork realized that it stated USAR. I asked him if being in the Reserves instead of NG would be a problem, he said none at all. For some odd reason I decided to trust a recruiter, yes I know dumb, and just went along with it.