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Anyone been to WLC at Shelby?

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    Re: Anyone been to WLC at Shelby?

    I went through Shelby WLC. It is not a bad place. You will be staying on a nice clean compound that is pretty much a separate world from the rest of the base which was nice. The training is pretty much what you would expect. Do what your told and show a little effort and enthusiasm... you will be just fine. The terrain what very rough as far as land nav went a few yrs ago because hurricane Katrina tore it up. The chigger bugs shouldnt be much issue this time of year but TUCK IN YOUR PANT LEGS anyway while out there just to be safe. Some people have a really bad (allergic?) reaction to those little bugs.

    Good luck and have fun with it.


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      Re: Anyone been to WLC at Shelby?

      Oh, I didnt see you were already there. For land nav there. Stay out of the brush. Stick to the roads as much a possible and its pretty easy to guestimate where you are. If I remember correctly most of the signs were huge and easy to see from the main roads. You will likely have to venture in the brush for at least one find.

      Good luck


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        Ok, so I am now getting ready to go to WLC at camp Shelby. I read this post and only heard about the "old WLC" there. Did you go to the new one that is like a month long? Has anyone that can give me a little insight on it. Any information would be great. Thanks