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    Re: Pathfinder Question

    Originally posted by Explosive Hazard View Post
    The sling load portion of the course is by far the most usefull, same with Air Assault. So I would disagree with you about Pathfinder having no bearing anymore. Being able to set up drop zones for supplies and landing zones for helicopters is a great skill in remote parts of Afghanistan. Even for medivac knowing how a bird should approach, obstacle limits etc come in handy. If anything I would say there is too much redundancy between AAS, Pathfinder and SLICK. The Army really should collapse all three onto Pathfinder and call it a day.
    Well, I agree that the sling load training is the most useful, but I will disagree with the rest. In all my years of conducting Airborne/AASLT operations, I have NEVER had a Pathfinder set up any of those DZ/LZ/PZs. Jump Masters/DZSOs have set up the Drop Zones, if there was even anyone on the DZ (combat jumps). Plus, I have rarely seen an actual LZ/PZ set up to standard, mainly for training purposes. But again, never by a Pathfinder. Most pilots don't even listen to ground control or markings anyway. They land their aircraft where they want to, according to their crew chief directions. Most LZs that I have landed on, were selected from map/imagery analysis, rarely from eyes/boots on the ground.