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Transfering to Active Duty.

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    Re: Transfering to Active Duty.

    Originally posted by Mr_Loki View Post
    The point of AGR soldiers is to facilitate to the M-Day Soldier.

    It's what we are paid to do. Sometimes we run in to soldiers who have problems that they put themselves in. It's our job to fix it.

    I am failing to see why you are not talking to your Full-Time personnel. To be perfectly honest, I wouldn't trust your M-Day team leader more than I would trust your 1SG. Your State HQ might have a full time career counselor that can help you find jobs and your Readiness or Training NCO might have that contact. If you call them and demand to be released from the Guard, you can kiss any help goodbye (because they know that won't even happen)
    The OP's first step is/should go talk to the A/D recruiters to even see if they will take his MOS and pay-grade. Otherwise, it's a mute point.....

    ... and an AGR soldier (his RRNCO or training NCO) is going to ask him, specifically about this issue, "Did you go see an A/D Recruiter yet?".


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      Re: Transfering to Active Duty.

      Originally posted by TxIntel 1978 View Post
      I don't pretend to understand the phenomenon that is "I want", especially from soldiers.

      Part of me wants to blame the soldier for not fully grasping what NG service really entails. Another part wants me to tear into recruiters for not making sure prospects understand the commitment and full details of how they are going to serve. How many posts do we get that ask "I want to go A/D now because X,Y or Z happened...."
      Recruiters can be slimy, but this isn't exactly classified information. Therefore, if you are signing a contract, it's incumbent upon you to know exactly what you're getting yourself into. As well as the disposition of the person offering the contract; that is, what your recruiter stands to gain from signing it. If you understand that there is a potential conflict of interest, then it follows that you need to be doing your own homework on the side to make sure you aren't getting screwed.

      I was 18 with a GED when I signed up and I figured all this stuff out on my own, so my sympathy for these kids is right around zero. I guess I'm getting pretty salty in my old age (29)...


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        Re: Transfering to Active Duty.

        Originally posted by Jersey Dirtbag View Post
        Funny, isn't it, how so many junior soldiers' concept of "taking care of soldiers" really boils down to "giving me what I want, when I want it, on my terms."
        LT, you hit it on the nail. I am constantly dealing with leave requests that conflicts with field exercises and joes wanting schools so they can earn more points (e.g. ammo handler, UPL). I never had a full staff on my section and to them, their goals are more important than the Army greater good.

        Also, you not "looking out", if you can't write a fluff NCOER or counseling but yet their never do their part to meet you half-way.

        rant over.


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          Re: Transfering to Active Duty.

          What was your ASVAB Score? PT Score? Whats your current MOS? I was in your position several months ago and did everything I could to go active, here's what I know. If it wasn't clear already the Army WILL NOT take you, hell they wouldn't even take me as an 11B, just 18X. Unless your have a specialized techie MOS the Air Force probably won't take you either, they don't like Prior-Service Army especially in Combat/Combat Support roles, but if your some kinda Tech dude it's possible. The marines are the same way, they MIGHT take you as an infantry-man but its doubtful unless you have a Special MOS. The good news is unless things changed in the last 4 months the Navy is your best bet. I am in a little different Position, been in 4 years, im an E-4 11B and I have a ASVAB of 89 with a GT of 130, the navy jumped all over me. They offered me half a dozen jobs when I walked in the door. the only problem is it's all paper-pusher jobs. The only half decent one was a technician for some missile system, but I didn't want to go Navy that bad lol.

          INSTEAD, I moved back home , got 2 crap part time jobs waiting tables and working a movie theater. Worked my ass off for 70 hours a week until I landed a decent job and now I’m back on my own doing pretty well (still working 70 hours, but paid waaaay more). Not trying to offend anyone but people who say "oh it's so hard to find even a part time job" piss me off, I literally drove down a random road full of businesses, dressed nicely, walked into every single one and grabbed an app or talked to the manager, and over half were hiring and both the ones I landed offered me the job on the spot. I honestly probably could have gotten better ones but I took whatever I could get the moment it was offered. Now is a great time to look because a lot of businesses are losing employees that are leaving for college, the movie theater I work at (Supervisor now) is losing 15 people in the next 2 weeks. Dress nice, be confident, and do not stop looking. Too many people apply to 3-4 places and get discouraged and stop.