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Transfer not going well

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  • Transfer not going well

    I graduated AIT at the end of January. Immediately upon returning home to Michigan I had to relocate to Texas due to family issues. I outprocessed with the RSP and was given permission from the IST coordinator to transfer before inprocessing with my unit in Michigan so because of this they had no information on me which made this much more difficult. Due to problems with paperwork while outprocessing in AIT some of the needed forms were delayed and the transfer didn't officially start until late February.

    I have had nothing but trouble getting this transfer taken care of and recruiters and units in the area were very unwilling to help with anything or even give me advice. In the last few weeks the IST coordinator here changed and none of my information was transferred to the new one. Everyone I have talked to concerning this transfer, aside from the IST in Michigan, has been very rude and unwilling to take much time to help with this, including local units.

    The whole 90 day thing was explained to me at the beginning of the transfer and those days are up. I have already been told I would be loosing my MOS and have to reclass. That is all I have heard in the last 3 weeks. Email after email, call after call, I have had no luck getting anywhere. My question is how long do I have after those 90 days to reclass and/or start drilling? What could happen to me concerning the Guard if things keep going the way they are?

    I would appreciate any feedback or advice possible as this whole thing is really starting to take its toll on my family and I. Thank you..

    Pv2 Mason

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    Re: Transfer not going well

    In my honest opinion I don't think local units and recruiters are necessarily being rude, it's probably because you're coming to them with the wrong/insufficient information. You shouldn't even be talking to them really anyway. From your post, you're still in the MIARNG, they can do nothing with you at this moment. You need to get your Outgoing IST Coordinator to coordinate with the new Incoming IST Coordinator from Texas immediately. After 90 days unless you go back to drill you will be considered AWOL, which I believe after so many missed drills puts you in the IRR. If you are a bonus recipient they will recoup any money you have received so far and any you have due will be terminated. Some units will work with you but after a while, there is a point of no return.

    I would call the Inspector General of BOTH states, he/she will get on the new IST Coordinator in TX to hit the ground running. The IG in MI will make sure that his IST Coordinator matches in speed.

    You won't lose your current MOS, unless it's medical or something that requires yearly certs. You'll just be gaining a new one as your primary and your current will be your secondary. TX will reclass you based on THEIR needs. If you are due a bonus you need to cooperate for them to pay it out. If you really want to keep your current MOS, you can express to the IST Coordinator that you are willing to drive as far as it takes and sacrifice your bonus if applicable. Usually they will gripe but place you.

    First thing's first is you need to blow up BOTH IST Coordinator's phone up EVERY DAY. I called TWICE a day on some occasions. Do the same for the IG unless he/she specifically instructs you otherwise. Waiting 3 weeks is unacceptable on your part. It's YOUR career, take charge of it.


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      Re: Transfer not going well

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