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individual mobilization dwell time?

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  • individual mobilization dwell time?


    Second post here...first post completely answered my question regarding a vague MSO. Hopefully y'all can drop some more knowledge on me.

    I was part of a "normal" NG brigade size deployment to Iraq and was mobilized less than 2 years later basically as an individual to from part of an ad-hoc task force to Afghanistan.

    Rumor mill is circulating as to what the Brigade will do now that it is nearing the end of its training cycle (deployment, AFG, Kosovo, Africa, etc etc...)

    Having been part of this mobilization I pretty much missed out on all the "normal" dwell time between large NG unit it likely that if the Brigade deploys overseas I will be put on my 3rd back to back deployment or do individuals receive the same dwell time considerations as large NG units (like I said earlier, my actual home unit has been home for almost 4 years now).

    Thoughts, experiences, or actual rules/regs that I am unaware of?

    Thanks team!

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    Re: individual mobilization dwell time?

    I do not know if dwell time is different between the active and NG component based on the differences in rotations (meaning a year overall for all). AD is one-year (supposedly now 18 months) dwell time and Soldiers have signed waivers so they can go back down range in less than that time.

    Back-to-back for us is one-year on; one-year returned, even though there is supposedly a three-year cycle with AD units (reset, train, deploy).

    What is happening now, is that units develop their manning rosters based on dwell times and the requirements downrange. Now and days, a unit has to deploy with the same strength or less than the unit they are replacing. This is no secret.

    So when I went downrange the last time, my BCT had to deploy with a little more than half-strength of what a BCT comprises. Platoon sergeants were tasked to ask their Soldiers who will "volunteer" to stay behind.

    Based on the drawdown requirements, it will affect you and your unit as well.


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      Re: individual mobilization dwell time?

      Hmmm...never heard of dwell time for an individual.


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        Re: individual mobilization dwell time?

        Originally posted by SteveLord View Post
        Hmmm...never heard of dwell time for an individual.
        It exists. Look at any ERB/ORB under assignment information (eMILPO Tour Data) and that relates to personnel dwell. Or in AKO under My Personnel when you can check your own PERSTAT.

        For my last two deployments, command has to look at individual dwell times in devising their manning charts. Ones that did not have proper dwell time were not deploying and remained on rear-D.
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